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good thing i have other redeeming qualities

Jake invited us to work last week. It was our first time visiting. Life here is so different compared to Kodiak. There, life revolved around the Air Station. We heard the planes take of and land, heck – we could see them from our dining room window. We often visited Jake while he was on…

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nikki - What you wrote about Kodiak vs. Clearwater is spot on…we miss the airstation and all that goes along with it too. In fact, when we make it out to MacDill it fills a bit like home :]
I think I recognize where you were in Tampa. My good friend does a monthly even at Curtis Hicks (Hixon?) park, right by the Glazier Children’s museum. It is Fit Kids and I think you guys would enjoy it….I can get you more details if you are interested. P.S. K and Z start violin with Kristen Wilde on Friday afternoon, thanks!!!!!

Camille Duckworth - Loved your honesty! I don’t enjoy cooking most of the time either…I definitely do it to try to just be a good responsible mom! If health and money didn’t matter, we would be eating frozen pizza and taco bell every night!

I love love LOVE that picture of your family. I already told you this, but it really made me smile to see that you had a picture of your family. Sunday our Primary Presidency stopped by for a visit and to take a picture of our family for a project they are working on. Sarah (the gal signed up with her daughter for the workshop) was taking the pictures. AFter she asked if I wanted it emailed to me, and before I could answer she says ‘oh of course not….you get all the pictures you want’! But I had to argue and beg that she send that picture because rarely do we get one of the whole family!

Looking forward to May!


Yesterday was one of those days. From start to finish, nothing went as planned. I spent the entire day spinning my wheels. I would have been better off had I stayed in bed and skipped February 28th all together. One of the problems is that I’m feeling a bit behind with all that I need…

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Camille Duckworth - OH my Amy I’m so sorry! I always say there is nothing I hate more than wasting my time!!! Or feeling like it’s been wasted in one way or another. I’m anxious to see this video though!

The pigs look awesome! What a fun thing for them to do (as disgusting as it is at the same time). Hope today is SUPER FANtastic for you today!

Emily - I’m going to join you in your 30 day bom challenge, thanks for the motivation…somtimes you just need to hear someone else say they’re doing something to realize what a great idea it is, plus it’s been awhile so I’m due for a comprehensive read through…juicing, scripture readin, what will I do next thanks to you?!

Heather - How is your shoulder doing?

Your life always sounds full and awesome to me. I think that real food sounds like the trend that I could actually get into. I hate fad diets, but this sounds like just reasonable and good eating!

Whitney - I am jealous of the pigs! In response to your previous post, we have 2 handguns in the home – I shoot the Walther p22 at the range and it is FUN. A “little plinker” I call it. So just .22 but so, so fun. Zach shoots that as well as a Glock .40 cal at the range. I know how to shoot and handle the Glock, but it is a lot of weapon for me (I have extremely soft hands and too many shots can give me blisters using it). But shooting the .22 gives me great accuracy and practice on good form, etc. without getting tired or sore or just plain not having fun anymore. In a home defense situation, I would grab the .40 because I am comfortable handling it because I have used and fiddled with it enough to know it well. But for just shooting at the range and developing fine tuning my skills, I shoot the .22.

Courtney - So sorry you had a #craptastic day yesterday! I hate that! I do love reading your blog though. You are so inspiring. I think you should rename your blog: #3inspiringsonsthierlittlesisteramazingmomandsuperdad. Hmmm, maybe too much?? Anyways, can’t wait till I see you in a few weeks! So excited. I will talk your ear off! Gonna check out your new eating adventure as well. Love ya!

one thing at a time buddy

When Jake and I were first married, I worked as a travel agent at a local tour company in Anchorage. One of the perks of the job was the familiarization tours I was sent on to familiarize myself with the product. Barrow, Nome, Kotzebue, the Arctic Circle, Denali, river rafting, glacier cruises, I saw it…

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Courtney - I have no idea how I initially missed this post but I am seriously laughing my butt off!! I even read part of it to Scott and he thought it hilarious too. I am sorry about your shoulder though.. I have been shooting all my life but have never liked hand guns. Funny thing too, my husband loves them. Scott is also always trying to talk me into flying in a parachute/hang glider contraption thing. This, I promise you, will NEVER happen! Hang in there and keep blogging!! Love ya!



Since Miss B was born and I bought a fancy camera and fancy software, I rarely go through old images. It’s always about the latest and greatest. But one of the boys had been going through iPhoto and this gem was on my desktop. I honestly cannot stop laughing. Obviously I have not always been…

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and so it goes

We haven’t turned on the heat all winter. (Except when Grandma and Grandpa Oborn were here. Grandpa kept playing with the thermostat trying to help Grandma get comfortable. The temperatures here change pretty quickly and Grandma’s core temperature can be delicate. One day we’d have the air conditioner on and the next the heater.) Yesterday…

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Fabulous and Forty… but not there yet.

Lounging in bed this Saturday morning with Miss B. She’s likes to snuggle… as close to me as possible. Not NEXT to me, but on TOP of me. We have the bed to ourselves, but that doesn’t matter. My left hand can barely type, my arm is pinned between my body and hers. It’s a…

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Sandy Green - Amy…..I love you! Seriously, you take the words our of my mouth. Just turned 40. I am determined to make my 40′s so fabulous. I have dedicated this year to me. Getting in shape, pursuing some interests that have been shoved in the closet for way to long. I am glad someone else is taking the journey also. Go get um tiger!