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extreme measures

I’ve given quite a bit of thought to what I want to write here. I am not asking permission, the deed is already done. I’m not asking for your opinion. I actually don’t care (on this particular matter). But if you’re curious about what’s going on in my life, or if you want to support…

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Becca - I’m saying a prayer for continued healing for your body, Amy, so you can get to the business of truly living the rest of your life. :-) You deserve that and so does your family!

Niki Fronek - I had my surgery 6 years ago this November. Best decision I ever made. I have been able to maintain my current weight for the last 6 years. If you have any questions, want any support, want to vent or get some insight into my journey. I am very open and willing to share. You made the right decision for you! I am proud of you! Good job!
Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you!

Ali - I am so happy to read this update! Happy you are doing what YOU need to do. It’s amazing how other people know exactly what you should be doing, huh? I know that feeling well! Please keep updated with this, I will need some serious inspiration to not backtrack on this road trip. I am mortified already that I’m going to just snap back and reverse everything I have worked for, when I still have so far to go! Much love to you, Amy! I will miss you so much!

Anonymous - Good for you – I wish you the best! I would do it too, but do not have the same spousal support as you do – I would be ridiculed by his family as well, I’m sure. My BFF’s mom had surgery 10 years ago now? It has been amazing and I am truly happy for her. I’m excited to follow your journey.

Rachel Testa - I am so excited for you and your decision that you have made! Sounds like you have an Amazing Support System which will help you out immensely! I personally have a friend that had this done and does not regret it one bit. She is so much healthier and happier and is doing great. Her surgery was one year ago this month and she has lost 120 pounds! Thank you for sharing! Take it easy and recover! You are Amazing!

Holly - Hey Amy! My mom had lapband surgery a few years back and lost around 100 pounds. She has kept it off, but it hasn’t been easy. She too suffers from an addiction to sugar and it has been a crazy ride. I’m sure my mom went through the same feelings you discuss here and reading this helped me to get insight into her mindset. It was healing for me to read this, so thank you for being so honest. She is a proud woman, but thankfully a healthier one now. Have you read any books by Brene Brown? She has one called Daring Greatly and she discusses the psychology of worrying about the worst thing that could possibly happen (Jake having an accident, etc). She says the best way to defeat it is to turn that fear, that vulnerability, into gratefulness. So instead of “What if he doesn’t make it home” it should be “I have the most wonderful, supportive husband in the world and I am SO thankful”. Try it out! It has helped me quite a bit, believe it or not. Best wishes to you on your new journey!

Leggs - Love you Blondie! I’m glad you’re doing okay, and here’s to a new, healthier life! Big hugs to you. You’re an amazing woman, and a wonderful example of all that is good in the world! Miss you tons!

Jessica - As you know I personally know how hard the descion you made was. My lapband has been a blessing. I can do things that I could never do before, running to catch up with my niece and not be out of breath! My nephew carrying me around the house is my favorite! The fact that he can even lift me makes me smile! I wish you all the best on your new journey and if you need someone to cry and complain to I am just a phone call away!

Shannon White - Hey girl! Wishing you all the best. My mom is contemplating having the surgery so I am very interested in your experience and take on it.

Beth - I am praying for you in your healing – both physical and emotional. I know this isn’t going to be easy, but you can do it. If God led you to this decision, then He will lead you through it. I hope your pain subsides and that you can truly start to enjoy living.

Erin - What an emotional journey you have been through and continue to ride (I am amazed and humbled you were willing to share it publicly). So many people don’t understand how hard it is to struggle with weight for so long and dismiss is as something so “easy to fix” but its NOT. I am so happy for you that you have found something that will help you on the journey and bring you to the person you what to be physically. Back in 2010 I was blessed to find something that worked for me and lost 100 lbs in 9 months using Weight Watchers. While I knew it would help me physically I was so shocked how much it affected me mentally to have all that weight off. It brought with it waves of confidence in all aspects of my life and helped me to be so much happier overall. I pray that is your greatest reward as you press forward. Good Luck! Cannot wait to see the monthly photos of progress. :)

Sheila - I love this! My best friend has had the same struggles her whole life. I think you are smart, brave , and beautiful! I hope you have a good recovery. You will enjoy your “new” life! I’ve never struggled with my weight (Heavenly Father has given me different struggles), but now that I am in my 43rd year I can tell that my body is changing and I can’t eat like I used to. I also refuse to be weak & sedentary. I want to be strong & active & healthy! Hence the xc skiing, biking, hiking, kayaking, etc. I’m really just a wannabe outdoorsy person but I’m working on it. :)

I LOVE being in my forties! It’s the best time I’ve had! You’ll love it too I’m sure.

Have a great week!

Kristin - Amy – as always, you and your blog are truly inspiring! I wish you continued healing and comfort and I’ll be praying for both! :)

Courtney Kirkland - Sending up speedy prayers of recovery! I remember my moms recovery process. It was long and drawn out, but I remember how excited she was when the weight started dropping and she was fitting into jeans she hadn’t worn since high school again. She, unfortunately, couldn’t kick her sugar addiction and it’s caused her a lot of health issues since then. Not being able to give up Soda and Carbonated drinks has caused her a lot of problems. You’re strong, Amy! You can do this! :)

Lindsey Schofield - Amy your writing is amazing. I appreciate your honesty and have the upmost respect for you because of it. I am so glad that you have found a solution that can work for YOU best. I have to say, being a nurse that has taken care of many bariatric post op patients I commend your knowledge on the matter and hard work (physical and mental) that you are willing to endure to achieve a healthy life… you would be surprised how many people I took care of that seemed very surprised and even unwilling to start working in the hospital, I was always surprised my that… but I know that it is a big decision with big changes and that, I am sure, is hard to realize so quickly after the surgery. Sending supportive thoughts and so happy that you are kicking off your 40′s with a new you! :)

Heather - Love you and love this post! I am a jerk friend though, for not being more aware and bringing over a meal for your fam! May I still bring one? (serious!)

You are someone I will always look up to. I think you’re really really cool.

Daisy - Wow, Amy, I had no idea you were morbidly obese, judging by your figure in the GoToMeeting we had in January! Maybe it’s a new definition these days b/c I seriously cannot imagine you being morbidly obese. Hang in there — I had some friends who had the same procedure. One hasn’t had any complications and the other has been hospitalized once each year x 2 for an obstruction (don’t mean to scare you; just FYI so you can be on the lookout for it).

Danielle - Amy, I wish I had known! I will keep you in my prayers. I hope you have quick and happy healing. I was just writing in my own blog and mentioned you and Jake and how you helped us the day we needed you to watch Damon…the day of my diagnosis. It was yesterday, three years ago. And it was a beautiful day, like it was yesterday here in Palmer.
I hope you find healing, physically as well as emotionally. I love you and miss you!!!!!

Dori - I’m proud of you for sharing Amy. A very good friend of mine had the surgery a year ago and no one knows but me. I think talking about it and blogging about the struggles will make this process easier for you. I have seen amazing results in my patients and friends. Hoping for a speedy recovery. Looks like you have a good caretaker there with Ms. B!

Delores - Amy, You are amazing. I love your transparency. My father had gastric bypass surgery when I was about 14 years old. I am so thankful he made that decision…it allowed us to spend many, many more years together than if he had chosen not to go through with it. You will not regret this! Praying for a speedy recovery. :)

Jeannette - I stumbled upon your blog because of FB and I have read all of your posts ;) I am glad that you did this for you and that you were educated and made the decision that best fit you. I hope that you have a speedy recovery and that things will be easier for you in the future and you kick those cravings. Good luck to you and thank you for sharing. I will be praying for you and your family :)

Melissa Sterrett - Hoping for a speedy recovery Amy!

James - Amy, I loved this post. Thanks for being brave, authentic, courageous and real.

If you have never read “Full Catastrophe Living” by Kabat-Zinn, I’d recommend it. Meditation helps me in so many ways, not the least of which is realizing that I am not my body. Kinda weird to say in a comment like this, but it might help as you move forward in your new life.

Joyce Brinton Anderson - Amy, this is Joyce Brinton. We knew each other a long time ago in Jr and Sr High School. You used to call me “Oh White One”, because of my luscious tan (haha). I saw that Shauna Adair commented on this blog post on facebook. Since we’re not connected over there, I wanted to leave a comment here on your blog. I hope you don’t mind a comment after 20+ years of not even speaking to each other. Whoa! Your are my second friend in the last 6 months to do this surgery. My other friend, Elise, is in my ward, here in Los Alamos, NM, where I live now. She was also very sick because of her weight. When she told me all of her conditions — high blood pressure, anxiety, sleep apnea, diabetes, I was scared for her, absolutely scared, because I didn’t know she was that unwell. She was so good at hiding it. I think you have been very brave for being so open and honest about what you were in the middle of, and how you made your decision to change your life. I can totally relate to being a food and sugar addict. I am a Weight Watchers adherent. and the first time I went thru the program, I had to come to terms with my very nasty relationship with food — and it is like alcohol or drugs. It’s just that you need food every day to live, so it’s in many ways harder to overcome and control. I would hope that people wouldn’t give you any grief for choosing to do this surgery and that they would be fully supportive of you, because this is what you needed to do. To me, it is very clear that you did not make this decision lightly or quickly. I hope you are happy with your results and that you heal quickly. All the best to you and your beautiful family. And can you believe that we’re all turning 40 this year? I can’t!

Sandy Turner - I’m so happy for you, Amy! I wish I could have a smaller stomach. Your story sounds a lot like mine. Feel better soon! Loves!

Carey - Are you SERIOUS???!?!!

Seriously turning 40, that is!?!

Rock on, sister!

Audrey - I think your story rings familiar to a lot of women, and it takes courage not just to tell it publicly, but to go through surgery and a complete lifestyle change afterwards to overcome this. I love what Jake told you, about finally slaying your dragon.

Melissa - Thank you so much for sharing your story Amy. Thank you for having the courage to put it out there. I really appreciated reading it. I also struggle. I also eat organic and healthy. I also struggle to lose any weight. I look forward to reading more about journey. Stay strong.

Courtney - Amy, you are so brave and such an inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing your story. I know you have some tough times ahead but you will be successful! You ARE successful!! Congrats on your decision and I wish you a super speedy recovery! Hugs, my friend!

Katie - My mom had gastric bypass about 10 year ago, when I was in high school. It was by no means an easy decision for her (nor the “easy way out” as some seem to think), but it helped her tremendously to become more healthy and to become an even better mother, and now grandmother! Hope your recovery goes smoothly!

all my bags are packed…

… I’m ready to go… Sam and I leave in the morning for Washington D.C. I’m excited and surprisingly calm. I’m never calm before I travel. Three weeks ago Jake and I were packing for our trip to Michigan and Ohio and I was a nervous wreck. I cried the night before we left and…

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Heather - I love DC and worked there as intern in the middle of my studies at BYU. The Spy Museum is so fun! I think this trip is such a great idea and one that I plan to adopt (steal) in my own family. Have such a good time.

Btw, I used to give tours of the Capitol. You’ll have to let me know how yours goes.

Amanda - We had such a great time with you guys in DC. How did we miss the Spy Museum?

I Stand as a Witness of God

I read the Book of Mormon last month. I started March 1st and finished March 31st. The plan was to read 17 pages a day, but it didn’t really look like that. Some days I read more and some times I didn’t read any. What saved me was the audio feature the scriptures come with…

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days like this

I want to remember days like this. It seems there is always something that has to be done. It is kind of the way Jake and I have lived our life. We work. If he’s not at his job, then we’re probably doing something for Simply b – a photoshoot for a family, or for…

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i am happy

I’m happier than usual lately. This month I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon. My friend challenged me to read it in one month. It breaks down to 17 pages each day. I’ve never read it in that manner before, at least not recently. Typically it’s a chapter a day, or the study of a…

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Camille Duckworth - thanks for Sharing Amy! You are an inspiration!

Courtney - Youre back!! Good to see you blogging. You are an inspiration to me. I want to start our own blog but I need some ideas for a name!! Love ya Amy!

Lia Hopper - I love reading your blog Amy! Isn’t it amazing how something as simple as reading the Book of Mormon can help us have more patience. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass!

Emily - I failed miserably at the month long challenge ;(…. You get behind just one day and boy you just can’t catch up…lesson learned! I should just start again and do 10 a day for 2 months…I need more happy in my day to day life (she says while 2 yr old is currently avoiding a much needed nap and driving her crazy!!!). Oh and I want to know the plan, even if it does morph into something else next week ;) !

Courtney - Great post Amy! You always have so much going on and yet seem so full of patience and gratitude! You are such an inspiration!


Sometimes I don’t post a link to my posts on Facebook. Usually when I’m not sure that I want the whole world to see what I’ve written. I know. It doesn’t make any sense. But I don’t think very many people check in here – except friends – unless I post it on Facebook. My…

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Heather - Wow…the suspense is killing me! I look forward to hearing your plans! Great photos.

I, too, am a great researcher. It’s so fun. Most of the research I do is somewhat reasonable, but about every six months I look into any jobs we could take that would take us into the heart of Africa or something. Sounds practical, right?

Courtney - I LOVED the video Amy!! That was super fun to watch. Its also great because it’s a good looking group of guys and you can tell they are good kids too! Great job!! Totally made me smile!! Can’t wait to hear about your “plans”!!!