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bypass catch-up

I keep meaning to write updates about my surgery – but I keep getting distracted. I have written a couple incomplete posts though… 4.28.13 Today I’m 11 days post surgery. I figured I’d do a little update for those who were interested on how things have been going. My pain was mostly gone within the…

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for the photo album

Hundreds of images to catch up on… We put in a new wood floor and had to move our library of books. Before AfterSorting booksSelf portraitCould these drawings be any cuter?! Lasagna… yum!Josh BFF Kim came to visit. Oh it was such a nice visit. I dearly miss living near her. She’s kinda the greatest person…

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moving forward with peace and faith

NOTE: I WROTE STARTED THIS POST TEN DAYS AGO – A LOT CAN CHANGE IN TEN DAYS. BOO. So it looks like this is actually going to happen. I’m being totally serious. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you’ll want to catch up a previous blog post. Jake told me today that most…

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Jeannette - Praying for a great outcome! Good luck and as someone very familiar with the Coast Guard, I agree that there is more frustration than I thought……it shouldn’t be that hard.

mother’s day

Happy Mother’s Day! I went to church today for the first time since surgery. It’s a glorious day here in Florida. Perfect temperature with that kiss of humidity. Dang I love it here! I feel normal again (mostly). I’ve found that I have enough energy to get through the day, but thats it. Bed by…

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audrey - You’re the only girl I know who would use the word “kiss” when talking about humidity. I use words like suffocating, oppressive, miserable…
You’re looking great, Amy! Such a sweet picture of you and Betsy. AND, love those dang shoes!

but then

I’ve written 770 posts since I started this blog in 2008. I wish I were better at categorizing them. If I time I would go through them and sort, file and cross-reference each post. All neat and tidy like. But seriously? Who has that kind of time? Instead my OCD twitches just a bit while…

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Kimberly - I hope the stars align for you! What an incredible adventure. I can’t wait to hear more about it.

Tamera - Wow that is some amazing adventure! Where will you be in Alaska? Could we dare hope it would be back to the North Pole area?

miss him already

*Jacob made this movie when he started at Williamsburg Academy. He had to create something that introduced himself to the rest of the class. I’ve been crying a lot the last few weeks. One thing I’ve realized since my surgery is that rather than bury my emotions in food, I have to feel them. There…

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Jacob - I love you mom! Thanks for always believing in me. I’ll see you in a few weeks. :)

Leslie - AAAaaaccckkk… I’m crying too.

Danielle - Amy,
I started crying when I read that next to Jake, Jacob is your best friend. this is what I hope the relationship will be for me and my son…I pray every day for God to grant me the time on this earth to continue forging that relationship. I miss you and your amazing family SOOOO much. I miss having Damon be around your wonderful, fun, humble boys. I miss working out and visiting with you. I need to make a plan to visit. At least I know when I visit you I will still be able to juice! Stay strong. Love and hugs to you and your family.

Courtney - This whole post has me in tears. Tears for you and tears for how awesome Jacob is! Even though I don’t know him well, the few times I have been around him he has made a wonderful impression. So much so that (he and your other children) that we made the decision to homeschool as well in hopes that our girls turn out as wonderful as your boys. Jacob is exceptional. You are very lucky. I know you will miss him fiercely but it will get a little easier over time. Thank God for FaceTime!! Best of luck to you Jacob and hugs to you my friend Amy!!

amanda - As always, your post made me cry. Trina and I were talking about Jacob leaving last night as we drove to YW In Excellence. I teared up thinking about it because if Jacob is grown that means Trinas leaving isn’t that far off. You and Jake have done amazing things with those boys. They are fabulous young men and will contribute amazing things to our society and change everyone they come in contact with.
Congrats Jacob! Have fun on this new adventure.