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he’s the idea guy.

Hi! I have much to say. First, we heard from the Coast Guard. They have granted Jake’s separation request. The last few days have been a flurry of activity. Imagine me on the computer googling for 16 hours a day… that’s what I mean by flurry of activity. I’ve been trying to figure out what…

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Jenna Deason - What an awesome idea! I’ll be excited to watch it come together if you do decide this is THE plan! Also those are BEAUTIFUL pictures of you and Miss B! Thank you for starting my day out with a smile! :)

Danielle - Amy, I have been talking to my Oncologist about Thailand and Cambodia. I want to go, and he has been. You could live on less than your savings there for months probably. He said the up of Cambodia VS Thailand is they speak English. lol
I have decided that rather than Disneyworld, Thailand and Cambodia are where we are going for our family “DREAM” vacay. What other time will Damon get out of the country? John won’t ever take him out. It has to happen with me. Just a thought. That could be EPIC.
Love you.

Leggs - I can’t get over how much Betsy looks like you! :~)
You guys are always epic! The school bus is cool. My cousins did it, but theirs is more red-neck style, and not all cute like you guys could do! :~) Call the school districts nearby to see if they have any buses to off-load! Love ya!

Becca - You guys are crazy. But I mean that in only the best and most wonderful way. I love how you embrace life and opportunities and want to DO something. And always with your family at the center. I think we could all learn from that.

And I hope your bus comes to Mobile. Or maybe it will still be in Florida at the end of September and you can meet us at Disney to take pictures. Either way, I’ll start saving my money now.

Kim - I love it!!! That sounds like soooo much fun. Shawn has wanted to buy a school bus for a while now and convert it. Remind me to tell you the story of when he bought one without my knowledge.

Courtney - I could just read about the Earl family for days! No worries, you are an EPIC family! I can’t wait to see what the next six months bring for you. I hope you have a marvelous time! Hope you and the fan cross paths with the Dickerson’s somewhere along the way! Love you!

Joyce Anderson - If you end up in Los Alamos, New Mexico (or Santa Fe, or Albuquerque, again) let me know…you’re welcome to pop in and I’d be happy to feed you and let you shower :)

dear jacob » Simply b Photos - [...] for NOLS and we were on pins and needles waiting to hear from the Coast Guard. You might want to read this post to get up to speed on what’s occurred. But the condensed version is that we heard from the [...]

what are the earles up to now?

That last few posts I’ve been mentioning that things are changing at Casa de Earle. Here’s the quick and dirty of it: 1. Jake’s commitment is up with the Coast Guard on September 30th. 2. He is ready to leave the Coast Guard. 3. He has another job offer in Ohio. (We’re not ready to…

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Heather - Did you say that you are renting a beach house for the month of August? Because that’s my dream, and you are already doing it. That sounds so fun!!

We will miss the Earles so much!

Kimberly - Spending that time traveling Europe is what I would do!

Candance - Have you ever see thatTV show about the family that travels around in their camper? Is a “few” years old :p I cant remember the name… It was a spin off of Touched by an Angel?? The dad finds random jobs from town to town but they just travel around, together. Helping and encouraging others… I would do that. Just explore the nation, have no real commitments and enjoy my family and the people that God brought to us along the way.. Can you tell Ive thought about this before?? :)

Audrey Litfin - If you take a US trip, stop by Colorado!!! I’d love to see you again. :)

Kristie - What a fun idea! I think renting/buying an RV and driving cross country to see all the states you haven’t seen yet would be fun. You could visit friends/family along the way and do some workshops too. If you don’t get a full class, you could definitely do a half day if the participants read the guide before and then you’d have more time to explore the area. Europe would be fun, but with a 4 year old myself, I don’t think it’s as kid friendly as the US is. Excited for your adventures!

Jeannette - Europe for sure the photgraphy there is AMAZING!!!! I know… I have been there. Rome, Paris, Germany it was amazing!!!!! Good luck to you!

Amie Phillips - NATIONAL PARKS. See them all!! That is our passion. Photograph, hike and camp. Cook over a fire, sleep under the stars and get dirty. Go photograph The Wave in Vermillion Cliffs while you are at it. You won’t be sorry.

Joyce Anderson - I’d go back to Bulgaria and bake in the Thracian sun till I was crispy brown, wearing a kerchief like all good Bulgarian women do.

10 week update | gastric bypass

Bariatric Surgery Update: Yesterday was 10 weeks from my surgery. I feel normal. Normal like pre-surgery, and that makes me so happy. Now looking back, 10 weeks doesn’t seem so long to get back to normal, but along the way it sure felt like it! I’ve lost 40 pounds. The weight has been coming off…

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camille Duckworth - So fantastic Amy! you can do it!

Kimberly - You’re awesome!!!!

Courtney - How have I missed these posts?! I felt like you were hiding out! LOL! Getting caught up now! I’m reading backwards but Amy you look wonderful! You look like you FEEL wonderful too! I’m so happy for you! Love you!

father’s day

A father is a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero.

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Crystal - Seriously, I get teary eyed just looking at this. You have such a beautiful family :)

Jeannette - Your family is beautiful. God has certainly bless you! You have a wonderful gift to be able to tell stories with your photography and capture moments that some people only dream of capturing or simply forget to. Thank you for letting us be a part of that in a small way.

Chloe Hilton - Thats adorable. I miss you guys so much!

Carey Anne - Ah, a simple and beautiful walk through time.

Lia - Thank you for that trip down the Earle family memory lane!

there’s no place like home…

I love our home. Love. It. Building this home in this neighborhood was the best decision we made in the entire move to Florida. We owe a huge thanks to Nikki Sportsman who told us about it! Without her, we’d probably be living in a fixer-upper in Clearwater. Our neighbors are great. The pool is…

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Becky Dustin - Wow…I was thinking you guys might choose to stay in Florida. You look so happy. I’m anxious to hear what your post USCG plans are…it’s always fun to tag along with you.

Your house is beautiful, I’ve been waiting for pics of it all. :) Good luck on your next new adventure.

Becca - No wonder you got an offer so quickly. Your house is absolutely beautiful! So light and bright, but cozy at the same time. And I love your kitchen!

I’m so sad you won’t be “just” a drive away to try to do pictures again. I don’t know how we’ll ever find another photographer who makes us look as good as you do. I guess I can only hope that the CG sends us close to wherever you guys end up settling again!

I’m excited to see what lies ahead for your family!!