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Just Breathe

How have the last two months at Williamsburg Academy changed my life? Such is the topic of a 3 – 5 minute speech my eldest son is to give today {or possibly tomorrow}, as part of his midterm exam. The topic has been floating around in my head and my version of the assignment is…

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Here’s a clip of Jacob’s Elevation adventure. What an experience! I cannot speak highly enough of Williamsburg Academy or their mentors. They are coming to Anchorage this year and will be teaching youth seminars and mentoring seminars for parents. A great opportunity and not just for families using TJEd. These are for all students and…

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Read His Mind

Are they here? Hey, there’s my mom… … and that dang camera.*Cringe* But I love her anyway. Okay. Enough with the camera. We’re glad your home, Jacob.{One day you’ll thank me for your photographic history.}

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Common Sense

I’ve been chewing on this post for days. Since Sunday in fact. I’ve written and rewritten. It has been a process. I am an American. I believe in America and her greatness. I grew up with instilled confidence and respect for our government and its leaders. I was taught (and I’ll quote from Glenn Beck’s…

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I cannot wait to share this with you! Williamsburg Academy is offering a series of Youth Leadership Seminars in Alaska. This is truly an incredible opportunity for the youth of the Last Frontier. The mentors at Williamsburg Academy are outstanding. They are truly inspiring and relate to youth in a way that many adults cannot….

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Tonight was book club. We had a small group and a great discussion. We’re reading books that showcase principles used in Leadership Education. I love the women who come. They all have different reasons for studying Leadership Education, but they are all passionate about their families. Tonight we discussed Little Britches. Our conversation revolved around…

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