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September is Rising.

In my mind there is no possible way it can be September of 2010. I mean… really? Jake just left to take Jacob to seminary. I’ve been lucky this week. Jake’s schedule has been such that he has been able to do the driving. It’s a fifteen minute jaunt to the church. {Twenty if I’m…

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At his feet.

Our trip to Anchorage was dually purposed. All importantly we took Miss B to the temple to be sealed to our family for time and all eternity. Secondly, we watched Jacob swim at the Junior Olympics. It was thrilling. He shaved seconds off his freestyle events and qualified for finals in his 100 yard backstroke….

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My world… this morning

This morning I’m emerging from a fog. A fog induced by tsunami advisories, blizzard warnings, worries about preparedness, teeth erupting from swollen and sore gums, income tax filing, early morning workouts, dental appointments, obsessing over pinewood derby designs, long discussions with Jake about our future and the realization we may have no answers for 4…

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Behind The Scenes

Today I had plans to take pictures of Miss B for a Valentine’s Day post. It was going to be super cute. Heart shaped sucker and all. But I got distracted. Distracted by a dozen would be actors making a movie. Jacob is working on another creative work for Williamsburg Academy. This time for the…

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A Few Extra Hours… Too Much to Ask?

This morning I sat on the edge of my bed at 5:09 am. My alarm was beeping. Time to work out. But I hesitated. I wanted to linger. I wasn’t ready for my night to be through. And moments later when Jake’s pager alerted him to a C-130 launch (he being on the alert crew)…

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Something to pass the time

Jacob’s experience at Williamsburg Academy has been second to none. His growth has been exponential. He came through midterms with amazing results. And if you will indulge the prideful mama in me… he got an honors on his written test (the only honors in the class I might add). Mr. Ure doesn’t give away grades….

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