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Good Life

I have a million things to do today. I have the last photography workshop of the season on Saturday. (Can you believe I did 14 workshops this year?!) Along with getting the house clean, and doing some grocery shopping for that, I also have several hours worth of work at Simply b that must get…

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Something to pass the time

Jacob’s experience at Williamsburg Academy has been second to none. His growth has been exponential. He came through midterms with amazing results. And if you will indulge the prideful mama in me… he got an honors on his written test (the only honors in the class I might add). Mr. Ure doesn’t give away grades….

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Years Ago

18 years ago {on my 18th birthday actually}Jake took me to the homecoming dance at Southern Utah University.We were freshmen.He was my first boyfriend {and my first kiss}. {Dang! Were we seriously that young??} 15 years ago today we were married.Who knew what lie in store for us. I wouldn’t change a thing… This is…

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Something That Matters

What an experience. I’m fairly certain I can state that the 1st Annual Alaska Leadership Education Forum was a success. The speakers were uplifting and inspiring. The attendees were wonderful. I am so grateful for the experience. I’ll write more when I’m not so weary… for now here is the video I told you about.

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