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Lucky Woman

It’s 11:08 pm. I just downloaded myself an early Mother’s Day gift… new actions for Photoshop. Because Mother’s Day gifts should be tax deductible. Jake made it home. He’s snoring softly beside me. Well, not quite beside me. Miss B is snoring softly between us. I think I’m all ready for tomorrow. I’m traveling light….

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The Good News. The Bad News. The Great News.

I wonder if you notice when I don’t post regularly. Tap. Tap. Is this thing on? We have good news. Jacob qualified for Alaska’s Junior Olympics for swimming. He’ll be swimming in three events. 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle, and 100 backstroke. Backstroke was Jake’s signature stroke when he was in highschool. The tradition continues. We’re…

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I got a bike. It has gears. Much different than the last bike I had. The one with the banana seat. I love it. I really really love it. I’d marry it… if I wasn’t already in a committed relationship. Jake got one too. It’s a size XXL. And with the seat raised all the…

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Skinny Jeans

Jake and I are purging the house; it’s something we must do every few months. We know it’s time when we can’t keep the house straightened for longer than ten minutes at a time. Too much stuff. Stacks of books on the shelves, piles of miscellaneous who knows where it came from on the fridge…

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Current Operating Procedure

Perhaps “blogging my way through” the Biggest Loser challenge and my triathlon training truly means an update every two weeks. I need to think about that. In the midst of the wee hours of day 16 of 112 (96 days to go…) I thought I should… update. Yesterday was the scheduled weigh in for the…

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We interupt your regularly scheduled program…

Today is Day 1 of 112. I’ve officially entered a local Biggest Loser challenge. It just so happens that the challenge ends the same week as my Earth Day Triathlon. That, my friends, is called perfect harmony. There is also a $1400 prize for the Biggest Loser. Seriously. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m just confident…

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