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all my bags are packed…

… I’m ready to go… Sam and I leave in the morning for Washington D.C. I’m excited and surprisingly calm. I’m never calm before I travel. Three weeks ago Jake and I were packing for our trip to Michigan and Ohio and I was a nervous wreck. I cried the night before we left and…

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Sometimes I don’t post a link to my posts on Facebook. Usually when I’m not sure that I want the whole world to see what I’ve written. I know. It doesn’t make any sense. But I don’t think very many people check in here – except friends – unless I post it on Facebook. My…

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My World

First I will start out with the insignificant complaints. It’s not even 7pm and I’m in bed. I have a cold. Stuffy/runny nose. How is it possible to have a stuffed yet runny nose at the same time? And sneezes. Huge sneezes. And a headache. Sounds like a Nyquil night to me. But not yet….

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Layover in Anchorage

Sam and I are sequestered at the Anchorage airport waiting for our flight. We’re on our way to Sacramento for EIGHT DAYS (as Sam puts it). We found some cozy seats in the corner of Starbucks and we’re camped out.  Blogging seemed like a good idea to help pass the time. But you know how…

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The Good News. The Bad News. The Great News.

I wonder if you notice when I don’t post regularly. Tap. Tap. Is this thing on? We have good news. Jacob qualified for Alaska’s Junior Olympics for swimming. He’ll be swimming in three events. 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle, and 100 backstroke. Backstroke was Jake’s signature stroke when he was in highschool. The tradition continues. We’re…

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In invitation

It has been several days since we woke up early, changed the sheets, and left the domicile we brought sweet Betsy home to. I think my boys miss that setup. We were lucky… friends heard of our plight. The one in which my family of 5 got to stay with BFF Kim’s family of 8….

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