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Confucius Says…

Jake is speaking in church tomorrow. He’s talking about America; the amazing country that it is. He’s talking about the Constitution and the blessings we have living in this nation. As he was sharing with me what he had written so far, this quote from Confucius in his classic essay The Great Learning came to…

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Ignorant Politicians

First I had to chuckle at the subject line of an email I received yesterday. How to Defeat Ignorant Politicians and Be a Force for Freedom And then I immediately clicked the link and registered. The Center for Social Leadership is now enrolling for The Constitution Made Simple: What Every Citizen Must Know to Defend…

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Something to pass the time

Jacob’s experience at Williamsburg Academy has been second to none. His growth has been exponential. He came through midterms with amazing results. And if you will indulge the prideful mama in me… he got an honors on his written test (the only honors in the class I might add). Mr. Ure doesn’t give away grades….

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Common Sense

I’ve been chewing on this post for days. Since Sunday in fact. I’ve written and rewritten. It has been a process. I am an American. I believe in America and her greatness. I grew up with instilled confidence and respect for our government and its leaders. I was taught (and I’ll quote from Glenn Beck’s…

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