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all my bags are packed…

… I’m ready to go… Sam and I leave in the morning for Washington D.C. I’m excited and surprisingly calm. I’m never calm before I travel. Three weeks ago Jake and I were packing for our trip to Michigan and Ohio and I was a nervous wreck. I cried the night before we left and…

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Auto Body Shop

I’m FREEZING! It’s 43* degrees outside. Just last week we were running the air conditioner! This morning Jacob asked if we could turn on the heater. I told him to go put on some socks and a jacket. It’s been a long day. I’m climbing into bed at 1:18am. The house is dark and quiet….

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Earle Boys… At It Again

*Jacob and Josh (Taken after Sam had come home to help me.) They’ve been out there all day. It’s Monday afternoon. It’s also a federal holiday, which means that Jake is home from work and the local schools are out. The boys received an invitation to go to laser tag with friends. Instead they are…

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I’m setting a goal for 2013 to write daily. I love writing. I miss writing. But lately when I sit down to write, I can think of nothing to write about. To fix that, I’ve decided to write daily. It may take a while to hit my stride, so you may need to bear with…

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Bedtime and Books

It’s 1:18am. I’m sitting in the living room under a blanket with the laptop on my lap. Miss B is sitting next to me with a sippy cup. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is playing on the TV. I’m going to call this a bedtime fail. She went to bed right on time tonight at 7:30 after…

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New Car? Check.

It’s that time of year again. Possibly the worst time of year in Alaska. March. March is when we are emotionally done with winter, but we still have another month or so to deal with it. This winter has been particularly long. Snow came early and we expect it to stay late. We’re breaking records…

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