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good thing i have other redeeming qualities

Jake invited us to work last week. It was our first time visiting. Life here is so different compared to Kodiak. There, life revolved around the Air Station. We heard the planes take of and land, heck – we could see them from our dining room window. We often visited Jake while he was on…

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New Car? Check.

It’s that time of year again. Possibly the worst time of year in Alaska. March. March is when we are emotionally done with winter, but we still have another month or so to deal with it. This winter has been particularly long. Snow came early and we expect it to stay late. We’re breaking records…

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Snow Day

It’s 7:58 Saturday morning and I just dropped Jake off at work. He’s sitting duty today which means he’ll be gone till tomorrow morning. Miss B and Josh are in bed with me. Ummm, yeah. I climbed back in bed after I got home. It’s dark and windy and warm (45*) outside. I’m having an…

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Who needs Hawaii?

If winter came early and it started snowing tomorrow, I’d be content with the summer we’ve just had. I realize it’s only July, but I’m not accustomed to warm (64*) days and bright sunny skies for so many days in a row. My vitamin D stores are overflowing. Maybe I shouldn’t be even talking about…

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One. More. Year.

We got the news today. We’re staying in Kodiak another year. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Now I can start planning. Jake and I are going to go to Hawaii to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. Our anniversary is in October, but I think we’d rather go to Hawaii in February….

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It’s Saturday morning. Jake is sitting duty. The 24 hour kind. Blah. The boys are out shoveling the neighborhood. They are seeking cash. Their stores have run dry since lawn mowing season ending months ago. I’ve got the crockpot soaking in the sink. It got left on warm all night and now tortilla soup is…

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