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I challenge you to read the longest post. Ever.

Where is 2012 disappearing to? September 1st is the day after tomorrow. Unbelievable. But in a good way. Each day that passes brings us closer to getting into our home. Every morning I check my phone to see how many more days. (28 in case you were wondering.) I’m sure our neighbors feel the same…

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New Car? Check.

It’s that time of year again. Possibly the worst time of year in Alaska. March. March is when we are emotionally done with winter, but we still have another month or so to deal with it. This winter has been particularly long. Snow came early and we expect it to stay late. We’re breaking records…

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Back To School

I’m finally updating my blog due to Audrey’s comment on my last post (which was something like, “Write a new post ALREADY!!” Thanks for the motivation Audrey! Sometimes I forget that people even care. I’m afraid that 2011′s Blog Book is going to be pathetic. And not because 2011 was a slow year, but because…

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The Real Deal

I wrote a post two years ago titled CDO. (Click Here) I am no longer CDO. I thought my boys kept me from falling of the edge. And I believe they did. Enough to keep me this side of sane. But having boys, and a business, and a toddler have shoved me so far back…

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I got a bike. It has gears. Much different than the last bike I had. The one with the banana seat. I love it. I really really love it. I’d marry it… if I wasn’t already in a committed relationship. Jake got one too. It’s a size XXL. And with the seat raised all the…

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Sun Day

The sun did much to lift my spirits today. We went for a walk amid giant moss covered trees. Miss B snuggled against me in her sling, wrapped in a quilt and drained snot all over the front of my shirt. It was worth it. I love this photo. Love. It. And then Jake and…

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