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Moving | Day 5

Juicing Update: I’ve dropped “Juicing” from my blog title. I’m going to call it what it is and concede to a 21 Day Juice Fast. The last 3 days have been nothing close to a juice fast. The reality of moving, cleaning, getting out of the house and being at the Guest House have thrown…

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Juicing Day 20 | Moving Day 1

7:44 am I wanted to check in this morning because once our day gets started I’m afraid there will be no slowing down! The container will be delivered in 45 minutes. There’s no big crew waiting to load all our boxes. That will fall to Jake and Josh. We’ll be missing Jacob for sure. He’s…

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Juicing | Day 19

10:43 am I woke up so happy and ready to go today!! Moving container comes tomorrow. I’m taking the kids and going to lunch with some friends (bringing my green juice along with me of course). Also finishing all the odds and ends with Simply b that I’ve let go too long. AND… we decided…

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Juicing | Day 18

6:31 pm Oh my. Life is CRAZY right now. I can’t believe that I thought doing a juice fast during our move was a good idea. Joe Cross (of Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead) made it look so easy. Of course he didn’t have 4 children, nor was he trying to pack and move his…

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Juicing | Day 17

8:03 am I’m not sure if you noticed, but I missed blogging yesterday. I don’t get migraines very often (3 or 4 a year), but yesterday one hit me hard. It was a doozy! Thankfully I woke up this morning without pain. I’m a little groggy and feel like a truck may have run over…

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Juicing | Day 15 (Weigh In Week 2)

7:31 am I haven’t stepped on the scale yet today. I’m a little nervous. Earlier weigh-ins have showed minimal losses and then of course last night I strayed from the plan. Interestingly enough, I think that both of those are good for me. It’s given me cause to evaluate what I’m doing and why. It…

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