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did you enjoy your story

When this life is over and all is said and done all we will take with us is our memories. Our memories shape who we are. Our memories are vast and complicated. They are happy and sad. They bring both joy and sorrow. They are filled with our education, our friendships, our adventures, our loves….

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I challenge you to read the longest post. Ever.

Where is 2012 disappearing to? September 1st is the day after tomorrow. Unbelievable. But in a good way. Each day that passes brings us closer to getting into our home. Every morning I check my phone to see how many more days. (28 in case you were wondering.) I’m sure our neighbors feel the same…

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Broken Binkie

Miss B has been a binkie baby from the very first. As she got older and we said goodbye to bottles, I wasn’t ready to wean her from the bink.  I’m a mom who says let them be little.  I’m not anxious for her to grow up anytime soon. I think we have it backwards…

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All In The Attitude

I’m having a great day. It defies reason, but nonetheless. The contradictions? Jake is gone. I miss him. Three quarters of my children are sick. I think Jake must carry the antidote to sickness. And when he leaves, we are left unprotected. Miss B has those sick eyes. And stuffy nose. And Please Mommy! Help…

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Behind The Scenes

Today I had plans to take pictures of Miss B for a Valentine’s Day post. It was going to be super cute. Heart shaped sucker and all. But I got distracted. Distracted by a dozen would be actors making a movie. Jacob is working on another creative work for Williamsburg Academy. This time for the…

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Family Field Trip

The other morning we went with our friends to the Kodiak Laboratory Aquarium and Touch Tank. It’s part of the Kodiak Fisheries Research Center. The freestanding aquarium holds 3500 gallons of water and features fish from Chiniak Bay in Kodiak. Including prowfish, flounder, rockfish, and greenling. There were other creatures like king crabs, sea stars…

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