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Since Miss B was born and I bought a fancy camera and fancy software, I rarely go through old images. It’s always about the latest and greatest. But one of the boys had been going through iPhoto and this gem was on my desktop. I honestly cannot stop laughing. Obviously I have not always been…

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Miss Me?

I don’t even know where to begin. So much (too much) has happened in the last few months for me to even begin to catch up. It’s almost time for me to print out my blog books (at Blog2Print) and I’m going to combine 2011 and 2012 because I’ve been such a slacker. One of…

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55*. It’s cold outside.

When I walked outside this morning at 6:29 to go pick Jacob up from seminary, I shivered and thought briefly about turning back to grab a jacket. The temperature readout in my van said it was 55*. Oh how quickly I’ve become acclimated to Florida’s weather. As I arrived at the church, Jacob walked out…

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I am me again.

It is 12:38am. I should be sleeping! I need to sleep! I’ve been trying to go to sleep! But I can’t. Utter F R U S T R A T I O N. So I decided to write a bit. Maybe then I’ll be able to get some zzzs. It’s been a week (tomorrow at…

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Answered Prayers

How is your morning going this morning? I don’t think the 4th of July should be followed by a Thursday morning. It isn’t fair. The problem with not posting for a while is there’s so much to share. Today marks our one month anniversary in Florida. A lot can happen in a month. When we…

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Less can be more.

I designed a new timeline cover for my personal Facebook page. {As I just wrote that sentence, I couldn’t help but wonder about those who may read this a hundred years from now. Will it seem as if I’m talking in a foreign language? BTW, the lower left picture is missing because that is where…

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