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Pretty Girl

A friend of mine stopped by yesterday. She made the cutest headbands for Miss B! I love the felt flowers… isn’t this one just perfect? By the way, Miss B is climbing up on everything. Pretty girl… slow down, please?

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And dance by the light of the moon…

When you train with someone six days a week, several hours a day you can’t help but talk. Eventually deep seeded issues will rise to the top and come tumbling out… thankful for the release. My friend Dani knows more about what is cycling around my psyche than she probably wants to. BFF Kim from…

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Exhibit Eagle

I have a friend {I’ve mentioned her here and here} who loves eagles. I think she is border line infatuated, but hey… we all have our quirks. She wants to come to Alaska to see them. I’m making a case for a stop in Kodiak… Eagles are a common sight around here. As we drive…

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Ton of Fun

I have an exceptional friend. Her name is Melanie. She’s the kind of person that makes you feel really good every time you talk to her. She attracts people to her. She’s good at giving positive feedback… commenting on a good hair day or a cute outfit. Even if you aren’t sure of it yourself….

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Remember my friends who taught me how to make bread? The ones who brought me homemade pizza for family night, and invited us over for Labor Day when Jake was gone? The friends who brought cookies by and would call to make sure all was well in my world? Yes. Those friends. In thanks for…

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Downhill Slide

By this time next week, I’ll be cozying up next to my husband. Are you thinking that went by fast? Please don’t. Because it didn’t. It hasn’t. It isn’t. We’ve been apart before. I’m not sure why this time has felt like I had my thumbnails ripped out. My first instinct is to place the…

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