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there’s no place like home…

I love our home. Love. It. Building this home in this neighborhood was the best decision we made in the entire move to Florida. We owe a huge thanks to Nikki Sportsman who told us about it! Without her, we’d probably be living in a fixer-upper in Clearwater. Our neighbors are great. The pool is…

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for the photo album

Hundreds of images to catch up on… We put in a new wood floor and had to move our library of books. Before AfterSorting booksSelf portraitCould these drawings be any cuter?! Lasagna… yum!Josh BFF Kim came to visit. Oh it was such a nice visit. I dearly miss living near her. She’s kinda the greatest person…

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days like this

I want to remember days like this. It seems there is always something that has to be done. It is kind of the way Jake and I have lived our life. We work. If he’s not at his job, then we’re probably doing something for Simply b – a photoshoot for a family, or for…

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Sometimes I don’t post a link to my posts on Facebook. Usually when I’m not sure that I want the whole world to see what I’ve written. I know. It doesn’t make any sense. But I don’t think very many people check in here – except friends – unless I post it on Facebook. My…

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revamping our life

It’s 37* outside. I’m still in bed, huddled under several blankets. We don’t turn the heat on in the house. Electricity costs too much. Occasionally the kids complain about being cold. We tell them to put on socks and a jacket. It warms up eventually; it’s supposed to reach 70* today. We’re revamping our life….

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Staying ahead of the curve

Tonight I feel accomplished. This weekend I taught 16 hours worth of Day With Amy classes! Afterwards I received the most amazing feedback from one of the attendees. When I met Jake’s eyes after reading it aloud, he had tears of pride. I’m humbled by both the letter and the love my husband has for…

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