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what are the earles up to now?

That last few posts I’ve been mentioning that things are changing at Casa de Earle. Here’s the quick and dirty of it: 1. Jake’s commitment is up with the Coast Guard on September 30th. 2. He is ready to leave the Coast Guard. 3. He has another job offer in Ohio. (We’re not ready to…

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for the photo album

Hundreds of images to catch up on… We put in a new wood floor and had to move our library of books. Before AfterSorting booksSelf portraitCould these drawings be any cuter?! Lasagna… yum!Josh BFF Kim came to visit. Oh it was such a nice visit. I dearly miss living near her. She’s kinda the greatest person…

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days like this

I want to remember days like this. It seems there is always something that has to be done. It is kind of the way Jake and I have lived our life. We work. If he’s not at his job, then we’re probably doing something for Simply b – a photoshoot for a family, or for…

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on motherhood.

It’s 2:26am. I stayed up working to finish editing a session that I shot in Mobile, Alabama last weekend. I finished an hour ago. Even though I’m dead tired, I’m still up. I’m enjoying the quiet. I just perused the People Magazine that Sam bought me for Valentine’s Day. He and Jake ran to the…

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did you enjoy your story

When this life is over and all is said and done all we will take with us is our memories. Our memories shape who we are. Our memories are vast and complicated. They are happy and sad. They bring both joy and sorrow. They are filled with our education, our friendships, our adventures, our loves….

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