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he’s the idea guy.

Hi! I have much to say. First, we heard from the Coast Guard. They have granted Jake’s separation request. The last few days have been a flurry of activity. Imagine me on the computer googling for 16 hours a day… that’s what I mean by flurry of activity. I’ve been trying to figure out what…

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what are the earles up to now?

That last few posts I’ve been mentioning that things are changing at Casa de Earle. Here’s the quick and dirty of it: 1. Jake’s commitment is up with the Coast Guard on September 30th. 2. He is ready to leave the Coast Guard. 3. He has another job offer in Ohio. (We’re not ready to…

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moving forward with peace and faith

NOTE: I WROTE STARTED THIS POST TEN DAYS AGO – A LOT CAN CHANGE IN TEN DAYS. BOO. So it looks like this is actually going to happen. I’m being totally serious. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you’ll want to catch up a previous blog post. Jake told me today that most…

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but then

I’ve written 770 posts since I started this blog in 2008. I wish I were better at categorizing them. If I time I would go through them and sort, file and cross-reference each post. All neat and tidy like. But seriously? Who has that kind of time? Instead my OCD twitches just a bit while…

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did you enjoy your story

When this life is over and all is said and done all we will take with us is our memories. Our memories shape who we are. Our memories are vast and complicated. They are happy and sad. They bring both joy and sorrow. They are filled with our education, our friendships, our adventures, our loves….

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Alternative Modes of Transportation

I’m excited for tomorrow, except for the part where Jake has duty. Wait, let me back up a little… The other day Jake went fishing with a friend. They spent the night out at a remote camp in a tent surrounded by an electric fence to protect them from the bears… like this one. Jake…

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