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moving to new website

I’ve decided I can’t keep up with two blogs. At least for now. So I’ve transferred the posts about The Big Blue Bus and how this crazy idea came to be over to my Simply b Photos page. There I’ll continue to tell our story! I hope you follow us over there! If you have…

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finding our objective

*I need to get an updated pic of Jake and I!! The other day I got a little overwhelmed about our adventure. I couldn’t specify what exactly was causing me anxiety – just that it was there, nagging me. I hate when I’m feeling jumpy and unsure. When I second guess myself and wonder if…

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jacob’s home. and he made a decision.

Jacob’s home! We’ve spent a great day together. He had a ton of stories to tell us, and a pack of stinky clothes that needed to be washed – immediately. A month living on a mountain wearing the same clothing every day is something I don’t think I’d be interested in, but he thrived. He…

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blink of an eye

Another day down, and as I sit down to type, I’m humbled. Today I launched the big blue bus tour on Simply b Photo’s Facebook page. Officially it’s called Connect.Click.Capture, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to change the name. Because it really does just need to be called The Big Blue Bus Tour….

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this… and that

*Still don’t know if Jacob will be with us yet or not. So this might end up saying 3 kids… I’ve spent a good part of today working out the schedule for our trip this fall… it’s all coming together! While I sat at the kitchen table tonight muttering to myself and working on my…

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dear jacob

First, I’d like to say that I don’t think it’s fair to ask a mother to go an entire month without talking to her son. In the current age of technology, I find it entirely unacceptable that we have to be out of communication for so long. Please don’t do this to me again. A…

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