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there’s no place like home…

I love our home. Love. It. Building this home in this neighborhood was the best decision we made in the entire move to Florida. We owe a huge thanks to Nikki Sportsman who told us about it! Without her, we’d probably be living in a fixer-upper in Clearwater. Our neighbors are great. The pool is…

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moving forward with peace and faith

NOTE: I WROTE STARTED THIS POST TEN DAYS AGO – A LOT CAN CHANGE IN TEN DAYS. BOO. So it looks like this is actually going to happen. I’m being totally serious. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you’ll want to catch up a previous blog post. Jake told me today that most…

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good thing i have other redeeming qualities

Jake invited us to work last week. It was our first time visiting. Life here is so different compared to Kodiak. There, life revolved around the Air Station. We heard the planes take of and land, heck – we could see them from our dining room window. We often visited Jake while he was on…

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It’s 1:15 am. Again. We have to stop meeting like this. I’ve been up since 5 am when I took Jake to work this morning. He flew to Hawaii and is asleep in paradise right now. Lucky dog. I’ve put in a full day and I’m tired, but I can’t sleep. There was news tonight…

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Be Mine

Miss B got her first pair of skinny jeans. On our way home from California, we got delayed in Anchorage for 36 hours. It was a nice little ending to the trip, but on the way to the airport I realized I didn’t put a change of clothes for B in our carry-ons. If she…

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Miss B was her usual self at Disneyland. Big smiles and full of excitement. She got plenty of looks, smiles, and compliments. I mean, how can you resist a darling toddler decked out in a princess dress enamored by everything around her? Each morning at Disneyland we dressed Miss B in a different Princess dress….

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