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Christmas 2011

Hi Stranger! How are you? I miss you. It seems like forever since we’ve talked. How does that happen? How does time just continue to slip away until you look up and realize that a new year will be here in a few days? I looked at Miss B the other day and realized that…

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10 Days till Christmas Eve. In my world Christmas Eve is better than Christmas. The day is filled with memories and tradition. My children’s Christmas Eve looks much like mine did as a child. We start the eve of Christmas Eve preparing the house for the next few days. Organizing and cleaning is vital to…

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O’ Christmas Tree 2011

It’s Christmastime. Can’t you just feel it? I may be inconsistent in my blogging, but I always make time share our official welcome to Christmas. Putting up our Christmas tree is filled with tradition and memories. It’s one of my most treasured moments of the year. You can see my previous years’ posts here: 2008,…

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Snow Day

It’s 7:58 Saturday morning and I just dropped Jake off at work. He’s sitting duty today which means he’ll be gone till tomorrow morning. Miss B and Josh are in bed with me. Ummm, yeah. I climbed back in bed after I got home. It’s dark and windy and warm (45*) outside. I’m having an…

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Ho. Ho. Ho.

Jake made it home in the nick of time.. Hallelujah. It was the best Christmas present ever. Unfortunately, he brought home a nasty cold that we’ve all been battling since. It’s the vicious variety that I believe is going to hang on for a while. Poor Miss B hasn’t slept well in 3 nights. But,…

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