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Broken Binkie

Miss B has been a binkie baby from the very first. As she got older and we said goodbye to bottles, I wasn’t ready to wean her from the bink.  I’m a mom who says let them be little.  I’m not anxious for her to grow up anytime soon. I think we have it backwards…

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Miss B has a birthday.

{*More behind the scenes footage to come at a later date.} My baby is one. One year old. It’s 12:03am. I’m exhausted. Miss B is standing in her crib and she’s angry at me. She misses her dad. He’s the expert at the nighttime routine. Not me. I take the kids to Taco Bell and…

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I Love This Man

… and he loves me. That knowledge gives me strength when I am weak. This morning I woke to a chorus of voices singing Happy Birthday to You. Miss B yawned as she stretched her arms high overhead. A tray filled with my favorite breakfast was set before me. Breakfast in bed. Mmmmm. Warm homemade…

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