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Little Moments

Jake and I and Miss B and Sam went to Mobile, Alabama last weekend. I taught a workshop and did a couple photo sessions. It’s quite a long drive – 8 hours. I probably should have flown, but I love having Jake there with me. I’m trying to convince him to come to Michigan and…

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i want to remember

You would not believe what I’ve been through the last few days with all the computer business. BUT I am finally all reformatted, sorted, and backed up. It took took me four days and at least 48 hours. Last night at 1:30am I got this message: One billion hours. Plus 5 minutes. That had to…

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Bedtime and Books

It’s 1:18am. I’m sitting in the living room under a blanket with the laptop on my lap. Miss B is sitting next to me with a sippy cup. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is playing on the TV. I’m going to call this a bedtime fail. She went to bed right on time tonight at 7:30 after…

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New Car? Check.

It’s that time of year again. Possibly the worst time of year in Alaska. March. March is when we are emotionally done with winter, but we still have another month or so to deal with it. This winter has been particularly long. Snow came early and we expect it to stay late. We’re breaking records…

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Mini Minnie

What an incredibly perfect week. Of all our trips to Disneyland (five), this has been our favorite. Hands down. We could not have had a better time. A combination of beautiful weather, light crowds, and amazing accommodations made for an unforgettable vacation. The convenience of staying at Disney’s Grand Californian was worth the extra money…

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Freezing and Fighting

It’s been a little quiet around here the last few days. Did I make everyone uncomfortable with my last post? I apologize if I did. I’ll blame it on the weather. Or the dark. Or the cold. Or the unknowing of where our future lies. Or perhaps it’s just good old depression. Or all of…

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