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It’s how we roll.

If I’d been drinking a soda when I read comment #7 on my previous post, I’d have snorted it through my nose. Instead I belly laughed until it hurt. I’m still laughing. “As for your matching outfits…I CANNOT tell you how refreshing it is to see a family looking real. In fact, I enjoy seeing…

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Twenty Minutes

Twenty minutes ago I looked outside and thought today is the perfect day to take pictures. The light just right… spilling over the mountains and illuminating my world. A calm radiating through the trees. The sky reflecting blue. I turned my back for only a moment… and Winter arrived.

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While it lasts

We went for a walk today. Our amazing weather continues. Chilly, but sunny and clear. Josh and Jacob chose to stay home. Josh is immersed in Eragon and Jacob was having a mentor meeting. Jake hadn’t been down to this beach with us yet. Unfortunately the tide was in. But Sam still found delight in…

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I think you should all homeschool.

I really do. No? If not full time, at least once a month. Keep the kiddos home and enjoy them. Just for fun. My parents called those Dingus Days. Oh my goodness we loved dingus days! I remember one day when I was probably around 8 or 9, my dad got us up really early…

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Sun Day

The sun did much to lift my spirits today. We went for a walk amid giant moss covered trees. Miss B snuggled against me in her sling, wrapped in a quilt and drained snot all over the front of my shirt. It was worth it. I love this photo. Love. It. And then Jake and…

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In lieu of moose

It’s that time of year again. Time to take stock of our food stores and decide we need more. We’re big on food storage. At least, we’re big on the idea of food storage. We’re working on putting our ideas into practice. And sadly, there are no moose on Kodiak. What does that have to…

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