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Answered Prayers

How is your morning going this morning? I don’t think the 4th of July should be followed by a Thursday morning. It isn’t fair. The problem with not posting for a while is there’s so much to share. Today marks our one month anniversary in Florida. A lot can happen in a month. When we…

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Snow Day

Did these pictures get published in another post? I have a bad habit lately of uploading pictures, but not going any further. I wonder if we’ll miss snow days in Florida. What I won’t miss is a closet full of snow clothes: coats, snow pants, boots, gloves, hats, scarves. I’m looking forward to a closet…

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Freezing and Fighting

It’s been a little quiet around here the last few days. Did I make everyone uncomfortable with my last post? I apologize if I did. I’ll blame it on the weather. Or the dark. Or the cold. Or the unknowing of where our future lies. Or perhaps it’s just good old depression. Or all of…

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Christmas 2011

Hi Stranger! How are you? I miss you. It seems like forever since we’ve talked. How does that happen? How does time just continue to slip away until you look up and realize that a new year will be here in a few days? I looked at Miss B the other day and realized that…

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Exhibit Eagle

I have a friend {I’ve mentioned her here and here} who loves eagles. I think she is border line infatuated, but hey… we all have our quirks. She wants to come to Alaska to see them. I’m making a case for a stop in Kodiak… Eagles are a common sight around here. As we drive…

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Days like these

We’ve seen nothing but rain and clouds for several weeks. I can’t complain as temperatures have hovered around 40*, but I know I’m not alone when I say I’ve missed the sun’s rays. Sunshine makes everything better. After many many continually dreary days, yesterday we caught a glimpse of that beautiful orb that so wonderfully…

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