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*Still don’t know if Jacob will be with us yet or not. So this might end up saying 3 kids…;)

I’ve spent a good part of today working out the schedule for our trip this fall… it’s all coming together! While I sat at the kitchen table tonight muttering to myself and working on my website, Jake packed the kitchen. We talked about where we’d be visiting and how long we’d be there. We’ll be in Alaska in September and then October, November, and December will be spent on the Pacific Coast. Eek! I’m getting so excited!

I’m glad we’ve decided to concentrate three months on the 1500 miles between Bellingham and San Diego. There’s a lot to see between those two points. We’re visiting locations we’ve been to before and some we haven’t. Most of the places we’ve been will be new to Sam-a-lam. He was too young to remember visiting the Space Needle or the Golden Gate Bridge. The redwood forest has been on my list for ages! Pretty much since I learned to sing “this land is your land, this land is my land…” when I was a little girl!

One of the biggest reasons I’m glad we chose that route, is that there will be no snow. Jake doesn’t want to drive the school bus on icy roads, and I don’t want to be cold. I believe that Florida has ruined me. I know I’ll have to face winter when we move to Ohio, but at least I can put it off one more year!

We’re holding off our planning for 2014 for the time being. We don’t anticipate Jake’s job starting till March, but it’s still a bit too soon to know for sure. For now we’ve got a handle on the next 5 months, and that feels fantastic.

Now that we have all that figured out, we have to get busy with the tasks in front of us. Tasks like packing the house. We close in 14 days. That will be here before we know it! We have to get the bus ready. It’s going to haul all household good to Alaska so it needs all the seats taken out. We will also probably haul a trailer, so we’ll need a trailer hitch. And we need some way to haul the bikes. It also needs a safety inspection before we drive the 5000 miles home. We need to sell Sheila. Sheila is Jake’s gold 2006 Camry. She’s in excellent condition and Jake is loathe to sell her, but Sheila has to go to pay for the big blue bus.

We’re still staying at the beach house for the first part of August. Then we’re all going to Puerto Rico for some R&R before we make the trip North. Then it will be time to say goodbye to Florida. I don’t like to think about it. At all. It’s been such a blessing to live here. We’ve met lifetime friends and had experiences we’ll never forget.

Some thoughts on the bus for those who are curious…

I don’t know what it’s going to be like to live in a big blue bus for six months. I hope it’s not hell.

We’re going to paint the interior all white. And we’re going to put wood floor down. And we’re going to hang curtains. From there, I’m not sure – but I find myself designing it for how it will photograph. Similar to how I designed this house.

We’ll have our king bed in there. Jake suggested that we downsize to a queen. I reminded him that Betsy still sleeps with us a good portion of the time. That decided that.

I’m thinking hammocks would be fun for the kids.

We sorted through books and set aside a box or two of books we want to take on our journey. I anticipate lots of time to read and I’m looking forward to the discussions we’ll have. We’re taking the Chronicles of Narnia, Little House on the Prairie books, The Great Brain series, and the Little Britches books, along with dozens of other books I can’t wait to read!

We aren’t really going to have a real kitchen but we’re taking the griddle and the crockpot. And we’ll have a mini grill for cookouts when we don’t have a fire. I’m assuming there will be some sort of countertop and some cabinets.

There is a toilet in the bus.

Have questions about what we are doing? Ask away, I’m not shy.

I talked to Jacob today and that was wonderful. He had a great time, and only almost fell off the mountain a few times.;)Can’t wait till he gets home and we can debrief!

I’m missing Josh something fierce too. He’s at the National Boy Scout Jamboree. He’s been sick since the night he left. There is nothing worse than being sick and away from home. Unless it’s being sick, away from home, and living in a tent!

I need to get to bed, it’s already tomorrow here. But if you were wondering where we were going to be taking pics this fall, check out Simply b’s new schedule!

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