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Another day down, and as I sit down to type, I’m humbled.

Today I launched the big blue bus tour on Simply b Photo’s Facebook page. Officially it’s called Connect.Click.Capture, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to change the name. Because it really does just need to be called The Big Blue Bus Tour.

I was biting my nails wondering if anyone was going to sign up and reserve their space for pics. Nervous, nervous, nervous. Every time I got a message or an email, I squealed a little bit. And so many people are looking forward to the workshops. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. If I could teach photography all day, I would!

Close to half of the sessions that I made available are already reserved. I’m thanking my Heavenly Father right now for his bounty – and I’m thanking my friends. Because I know almost every one of you that signed up, and the others have been referred by you! I’m so humbled to have you in my life and to be a little part of yours! I cannot wait for this tour to begin!!

Thank you for all your comments and your words of affirmation. I know we’re a bit crazy for doing this, but I love how supportive you all are!

Also! Please – if you are a praying sort of person (and even if you aren’t) – please pray that we have good weather the week I’m in Kodiak. I think that will be in my heart for the next eight and a half weeks until we have safely lifted off and are on our way back to Anchorage after a successful FIVE days of photo sessions! I do believe in miracles after all!

Other random thoughts:

Jacob is on his way home right now. He’ll be here in a few hours. I can’t wait to see him. I’ve heard bits and pieces about his trip, but I’m eager to hear more.

Sam has been a quiet background player for the last little while. I haven’t talked much about him lately, have I? He’s earned his Webelos badge in Cub Scouts and will have his Arrow of Light soon. He’s excited about our bus tour, though I think he’s going to miss his friends here. But he seems to be taking everything in stride.

The important thing with Sam is that we keep him in the loop. He doesn’t pay too much attention to what is going on around him. At all. His world is his own. So often times what we think is obvious, he does not clue-in to. For instance: our house is beginning to fill with packing boxes, filled with our belongings. We’ve been packing for days. (And by “we”, I mean Jake.) Sam comes in and says, “What is going on? What are we doing? Are we moving?”:)So we sat down and explained everything that is going to happen, step by step, and he felt much better.

Josh is still feeling under the weather at Jamboree. He doesn’t do so well when he’s sick. :/ I’m hoping he is on the mend and will enjoy the rest of his time there.

The packing continues. Our kitchen is almost empty. We’ll be living on cold cereal, grapes, and protein drinks for the next 10 days.;)So far we’ve set aside the griddle, a crockpot, the vitamix, and the popcorn popper to ride with us in the bus.

Tomorrow we’ll start on the bedrooms. Each of the kids will have a small box that they can keep their treasures in. I’m interested to see what each of them will chose to keep with them.

It’s all coming together! The days are beginning to pass into a blur. We’re going to be out of this house and onto our next adventures in the blink of an eye.

Audrey - It’s kind of like the Pioneer Days primary lessons, where you had to pick what you’d bring with you for the trek across the country, and what you’d have to leave behind. Great idea – letting the kids fill a box.
This will be the trip, the one your kids will reflect back on for the rest of their lives.

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