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what are the earles up to now?

That last few posts I’ve been mentioning that things are changing at Casa de Earle. Here’s the quick and dirty of it:

1. Jake’s commitment is up with the Coast Guard on September 30th.

2. He is ready to leave the Coast Guard.

3. He has another job offer in Ohio. (We’re not ready to go into details on that yet.)

4. The Coast Guard has not approved his separation request, which was submitted 7+ weeks ago.

5. They told him it would be back within 4-6 weeks.

6. We have sold our house and it closes on July 31st.

7. I detest waiting on the Coast Guard. We’ve spent the last 5 years waiting on them, literally.

8. We’re super excited about our newest adventure.

9. We rented a house on the beach for August. That is going to be awesome.

10. Josh and I are going to Puerto Rico in August to visit friends and I’m going to teach a workshop too.

11. If all goes according to plan, Jake will go on terminal leave the end of August.

12. That is as far as our plans take us.

13. We think there will be a 2-3 month gap between when we leave the Coast Guard and start at the new job. There could be as much as a 6 month gap.

14. Yikes!

15. Currently we are trying to figure out what to do in that time.

16. We’ve been considering lots of options. Bicycling. Europe. Camping.

17. Nothing can be decided until we have a date from the Coast Guard.

18. I want to do something awesome. Something memorable. Something Epic!

19. I don’t know what that is yet.

20. Simply b Photos will be involved I’m sure – workshops, photo sessions, etc.

20. HELP!! What would you do?

If you had no ties, nowhere you had to be, nothing you had to do. Just you and your family



Heather - Did you say that you are renting a beach house for the month of August? Because that’s my dream, and you are already doing it. That sounds so fun!!

We will miss the Earles so much!

Kimberly - Spending that time traveling Europe is what I would do!

Candance - Have you ever see thatTV show about the family that travels around in their camper? Is a “few” years old :p I cant remember the name… It was a spin off of Touched by an Angel?? The dad finds random jobs from town to town but they just travel around, together. Helping and encouraging others… I would do that. Just explore the nation, have no real commitments and enjoy my family and the people that God brought to us along the way.. Can you tell Ive thought about this before?? :)

Audrey Litfin - If you take a US trip, stop by Colorado!!! I’d love to see you again. :)

Kristie - What a fun idea! I think renting/buying an RV and driving cross country to see all the states you haven’t seen yet would be fun. You could visit friends/family along the way and do some workshops too. If you don’t get a full class, you could definitely do a half day if the participants read the guide before and then you’d have more time to explore the area. Europe would be fun, but with a 4 year old myself, I don’t think it’s as kid friendly as the US is. Excited for your adventures!

Jeannette - Europe for sure the photgraphy there is AMAZING!!!! I know… I have been there. Rome, Paris, Germany it was amazing!!!!! Good luck to you!

Amie Phillips - NATIONAL PARKS. See them all!! That is our passion. Photograph, hike and camp. Cook over a fire, sleep under the stars and get dirty. Go photograph The Wave in Vermillion Cliffs while you are at it. You won’t be sorry.

Joyce Anderson - I’d go back to Bulgaria and bake in the Thracian sun till I was crispy brown, wearing a kerchief like all good Bulgarian women do.

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