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there’s no place like home…

I love our home.



Building this home in this neighborhood was the best decision we made in the entire move to Florida. We owe a huge thanks to Nikki Sportsman who told us about it! Without her, we’d probably be living in a fixer-upper in Clearwater.:)Our neighbors are great. The pool is amazing. There are locations nearby that are perfect for photo sessions. But mostly I love that it feels like we are out in the country. From our house looking out, we can pretend that we are all alone out here. There’s a ranch behind our house with acres and acres of land and the occasional cow.

Living here makes me happy. Summer is upon us, which means heat and humidity and I love it. Last night Jake and I went on a walk. It’s one of my favorite things to do in the evenings. The weather was perfect. I love the feeling of the warm air heavy with humidity, the sun setting behind the trees and darkness falling as the frogs croak. Bliss.

Despite our overwhelming happiness, we put our house on the market while we were in Alaska last week. Even though we love this home and we love Florida, it’s time for us to move on. Jake’s commitment with the Coast Guard is up on September 30th. We’ve known since the first year after he transferred from the Air National Guard to the Coast Guard that we would not stay past his five year commitment. The fit just wasn’t right. Right now we’re still waiting for the final approval on his separation from the Coast Guard. We anticipate having answers next week (fingers crossed).

We received an offer on our house less than a week after it went on the market, and our closing date is July 31st. CRAZY!! Although things are still unsettled with the Coast Guard and we’re unable to make solid plans on what happens next, we feel like moving forward is the right decision. Our experience with the USCG has taught us that they will wait until the last possible minute to give us a decision, and we want to be ready to move on with our lives when we get the final approval.

Big plans are brewing for our adventures post Coast Guard, but I think I’ll save those for another post. For now, I thought you might enjoy seeing pics of our home.

Becky Dustin - Wow…I was thinking you guys might choose to stay in Florida. You look so happy. I’m anxious to hear what your post USCG plans are…it’s always fun to tag along with you.

Your house is beautiful, I’ve been waiting for pics of it all. :) Good luck on your next new adventure.

Becca - No wonder you got an offer so quickly. Your house is absolutely beautiful! So light and bright, but cozy at the same time. And I love your kitchen!

I’m so sad you won’t be “just” a drive away to try to do pictures again. I don’t know how we’ll ever find another photographer who makes us look as good as you do. I guess I can only hope that the CG sends us close to wherever you guys end up settling again!

I’m excited to see what lies ahead for your family!!

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