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bypass catch-up

I keep meaning to write updates about my surgery – but I keep getting distracted. I have written a couple incomplete posts though…


Today I’m 11 days post surgery. I figured I’d do a little update for those who were interested on how things have been going.

My pain was mostly gone within the first week and I was able to move around fairly easily. The residual pain came from the incisions themselves. Until last night they were still covered with steri-strips bandages and stung a bit. Yesterday I spent some time at my desk working and after a while, the incisions were really sore. Last night I removed the steri-strips. The incisions are mostly healed, but a little tender. I think there will be less pain now that the bandages are removed.

More than pain, I am tired. I’m slowly regaining strength, but boy – I didn’t expect to be so tired. Going into this I feared the pain, but I shouldn’t have. It wasn’t terrible. But I did not expect to be so exhausted constantly! At my one week check-in I asked my doctor about it. He confirmed what Jake has been saying which was that after a serious surgery, my body is undergoing a lot of healing, plus I’m barely eating. It is most definitely normal for me to be tired. I’m just a few days away from being able to add more food to my diet and the extra calories should help.

The mornings are better than afternoons. Usually by 3pm I’m pretty much done for the day.


Lately I haven’t felt much like blogging. But this morning I remembered that I write not for myself, but for my posterity. I also write for the memories, because if I don’t write, I won’t remember.

Today marks six weeks since my gastric bypass. The time has been spent healing and figuring it all out. On more than one occasion I’ve cried from the overwhelming nature of my circumstance. Had I not been so emotionally prepared or had the unconditional support of my husband, I wonder how I would have gotten through.

It’s been tough. The eating portion is not the hard part. Dealing with emotions – that’s hard.


Yesterday was 8 weeks since my surgery. I finally feel normal, and that is something to celebrate! I’ve lost 35 pounds so far. Honestly, I thought I’d have more of a loss than that by now. Several articles I’ve read suggested that within two months many patients have lost 20% of their weight. For me that would be 55 pounds. Though I have spent some good time on different forums for patients who have had weight-loss surgery and realize that everyone is different. There is no “typical” weight loss. There are many others like me with a moderate, but steady weight loss.

What I do know is that the weight will come off. I finally have the energy to exercise more than a walk around the neighborhood. I have all the tools and knowledge to make this work for me. And a loss of 35 pounds feels great. I’m now at the weight that I’ve been the majority of my adult life. I was this weight when I got pregnant with Juanita, Josh, and Sam. I’m looking forward to slipping past this weight!

My plan for health is:

Take a multi vitamin and calcium supplement daily.
Make sure to get 60 grams of protein a day (though I expect my doctor to increase that to 80 grams today at my appointment).
Drink 64 ounces of water daily.
Exercise 3-5 days a week with a daily neighborhood walk.
Monthly B12 injection.



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