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10 week update | gastric bypass

Bariatric Surgery Update:

Yesterday was 10 weeks from my surgery. I feel normal. Normal like pre-surgery, and that makes me so happy. Now looking back, 10 weeks doesn’t seem so long to get back to normal, but along the way it sure felt like it!

I’ve lost 40 pounds. The weight has been coming off in chunks sporadically. For instance, I have not lost any weight for the last 10 days or so. But I anticipate losing several pounds soon. My theory is that my body holds on and holds on and holds on until it can’t hold on any longer. Then it dumps 3 or 4 pounds and then we start over again.

The best thing about surgery is that I can’t quit. I just keep moving forward. The next best thing about having the surgery is that I don’t obsess about food any longer. At least not like I used to. Now my focus is on making sure I eat enough protein, have my supplements, and stay hydrated. Food no longer consumes my thoughts.

I can eat most things – in very limited quantities. Some things make my stomach more uncomfortable than others. Bread makes me sick, and I avoid it. My body really likes fresh fruit: strawberries, grapes, and watermelon are my favorites. Applesauce and yogurt are staples. I continue to drink a lot of protein shakes. My goal is still 60 grams of protein a day.

Staying hydrated is tough. I can’t drink while I eat. The food needs to stay in my stomach as long as possible to get all the nutrients, and drinking pushes the food through. I don’t know, because I’ve never tried it, but I think it may make me sick to drink while I eat because the food passes through to my intestine too quickly. I have to wait 30-60 minutes after I eat before I drink anything. I can’t gulp either. It takes me a while to consume 20 ounces of water. My goal this week is to get more hydrated and stay hydrated. I’m scared of kidney stones (I’ve had them before and they run in my family.)

I’ve had sugar and I didn’t die. I can eat treats in small doses, one or two bites at a time. But I don’t crave it like I used to. My body easily accepts yogurt and fruit as an acceptable replacement for processed sugar.

My goal has been to start weightlifting, but I haven’t yet. Not because I can’t, but because I haven’t. Jake and I try to go on a daily walk and I look forward to that. I know I need to get more active. It’s on my list. One thing I know is that it’s much easier to move my body now that I’ve lost 40 pounds.

The clothes I was wearing before surgery no longer fit. But I had another wardrobe in my closet that fits me perfectly right now. After that, I’ll be looking for new clothes.

Nine years ago in 2004/2005 I lost 80 pounds. I kept the majority of it off for several years, and for several years after that I fought off gaining the last 40 pounds, but the last couple years I put it all right back on plus 10 pounds. It feels great to be on the losing side again.

I’m amazed at the differences in how I feel. I’m more confident. I suppose that is because my current weight is where I’ve been most of my life. This is ME. Since 2009 I’ve been carrying those extra 40 pounds (on top of an extra 80) and I hated it. It was a struggle to walk, to exercise, to get comfortable in my skin. Now that I’ve shed it, I feel like me again. I enjoy having my picture taken, because I recognize myself. It’s tough to acknowledge how difficult those extra 40 pounds had made my life.

After the next 50 pounds are gone, I’ll be in a place my body doesn’t recognize, a weight I haven’t been since middle school. I imagine it will take six to seven more months to get there. What a great Christmas present! In all my years of dieting, I’ve never been confident that I could reach my goal, would reach my goal. Now I am. I have the tools I need.

I understand more fully now how those tools work. It’s up to me to make sure that I fuel my body in the appropriate way. It’s up to me to choose foods that heal and strengthen my body. It’s up to me to take my supplements, to stay hydrated, to be physically fit. Surgery doesn’t do any of that. It’s a tool that keeps me from over eating in one sitting. Everything else is up to me. The choices are up to me. Health and fitness are my goals. I’m ready for the next phase of my life.

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camille Duckworth - So fantastic Amy! you can do it!

Kimberly - You’re awesome!!!!

Courtney - How have I missed these posts?! I felt like you were hiding out! LOL! Getting caught up now! I’m reading backwards but Amy you look wonderful! You look like you FEEL wonderful too! I’m so happy for you! Love you!

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