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all my bags are packed…

… I’m ready to go…

Sam and I leave in the morning for Washington D.C. I’m excited and surprisingly calm. I’m never calm before I travel.

Three weeks ago Jake and I were packing for our trip to Michigan and Ohio and I was a nervous wreck. I cried the night before we left and seriously considered canceling – not really – but it did cross my mind. I wrote a note to my sister Becky reminding her that she gets my kids if something were to happen to Jake and I. I told her to tell them that I loved them and to take good care of them. I mentioned that Amanda (another sister) is in charge of the $$ from our life insurance policies and that there should be enough to comfortably take care of the kids.

I’m a worrier. And a planner. I discuss everything including topics that others find uncomfortable. Like where we want to be buried or what I would do if Jake were to die or what Jake should do if I were to die or what would happen if we both died. I would much rather discuss it and have a plan than to be caught unaware.

So this afternoon as I was driving home after running some last minute errands to prepare for our trip (a pedicure and eyebrow was, a stop at Barnes and Noble to get some reading material for the flight, and a quick dinner date with my husband), I contemplated why I was so calm. Here’s what I came up with.

First, Jake is staying home with the kids. That means that if something happens to me, he’s still here to take care of our children. That brings me great comfort.

Second, I’ve made this trip several times before. This is my 4th visit to Washington D.C. Jacob and I went together in 2006, the whole family went in 2008, and Josh and I went in 2011. The routine is familiar.

Third, I’m meeting two of my sisters and their sons who are Sam’s age there. That is the best part! I cannot wait to see them! I haven’t seen Becky or Amanda since January of 2012 when we visited in California after our trip to Disneyland.

We’ll be crushed into a tiny hotel room, three moms and three 10/11 year old boys. Good times. Our itinerary is planed, tickets for the Old Town Trolley and Ford’s Theatre are purchased. Reservations with our Senator for a tour of the Capitol Building have been confirmed. We may rent a car and drive to Philadelphia one day to see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. It’s going to be great!

I’m going to miss the rest of my family, but this trip is something that Sam and I really need. This is an important age for a young man to spend some time with his mama.

Miss B is heartbroken that she doesn’t get to come. She begged us to take her to Washington D.C. with us. Jake told her that when she turns 10, he’ll take her on a daddy-daughter date to D.C. She wasn’t satisfied.:)

I took these pics of her the other morning. She’s such a happy little girl and she spreads joy wherever she goes. And most nights she still sleeps with us.

I’m not taking my computer with me. I plan to be unplugged as much as possible this week. Focus on whats important and all that. Like my time with this awesome kid! He’s been saving his pennies for several months and working his katookis off to earn extra spending cash for the trip. He really wants to visit the Spy Museum Gift Shop. He cracks me up!

Heather - I love DC and worked there as intern in the middle of my studies at BYU. The Spy Museum is so fun! I think this trip is such a great idea and one that I plan to adopt (steal) in my own family. Have such a good time.

Btw, I used to give tours of the Capitol. You’ll have to let me know how yours goes.

Amanda - We had such a great time with you guys in DC. How did we miss the Spy Museum?

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