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good thing i have other redeeming qualities

Jake invited us to work last week. It was our first time visiting. Life here is so different compared to Kodiak. There, life revolved around the Air Station. We heard the planes take of and land, heck – we could see them from our dining room window. We often visited Jake while he was on duty. We knew his coworkers and their families. We couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone from work, including church. We flew in the back of his plane. We waved to him as his aircraft taxied by. For four years our lives were centered around Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak. Looking back, I’m glad we had the opportunity and the memories make me smile.

Here, we are far removed from his work. We hear the occasional story, but typically, what happens at the Air Station, stays at the air station. The other day, a Coast Guard C-130 flew over while we were swimming at the community pool. It was a surprising sight, one I doubt we’ll see again. We rarely see Jake in a flight suit because he leaves for work and returns home in shorts, t-shirts, and sandals. (He prefers to change at work.) Our life here could not be more different from our life there.

So when Jake invited us to attend a promotion ceremony for his friend, we were eager to attend and see where he works. We even captured a few images by a plane. Afterward we went out to lunch with his coworkers and their families. A nice day and I have to say that I LOVE this picture! I’m ordering one for the house.

Jake is in Washington D.C. this week. He was due back tomorrow, but his flight was cancelled due to weather. There’s a storm headed their direction. We forget, but it’s winter in other parts of the world. We’re heading to Michigan and Ohio later this month and I’m a little worried about the cold. I’ve become a sissy when it comes to cold weather! When it’s cooler than 70* I’m complaining about the chill. (Feel free to remind me of that this summer when I’m melting!)

We don’t know what is on the horizon for us, but I hope it includes comfortable climates! Jake has turned his application into several airlines – we’ll see what happens. We love playing the “what should we do” game, but more and more I’m happy right where we are.

The pace I’m holding at Simply b is exactly what I want. Enough sessions to keep me busy, but not enough to drive me insane. I continue to finesse my workshops and teaching opportunities. But most importantly, I’m putting my family first. That feels good.

Although I’m still struggling with the cooking thing. I used to love it. Lately (and by lately I mean the last 3 years) not so much. Today Jacob was making dinner when I got home from a shoot and asked if I wanted to take over. I declined. He asked, “What about you wanting to be in the kitchen more?”

My response – “I only cook to show off for your father. He’s not here so there is no reason for me to do it.”

As soon as it slipped through my lips, I knew it was true. I cook – or have a desire to cook because I know that Jake would like it. If he’s not here – what’s the point? Feeding my children evidently isn’t quite incentive enough. Good to know.

Good think I have other redeeming qualities.

Monday morning Jake and I made a quick trip to downtown Tampa to capture some {52 Dresses} pics. This project has been much, much, much, much, MUCH more work than I originally thought it would be. But it was days like Monday that make it enjoyable. Exploring downtown, playing at the park, loving the weather, all the while capturing some gorgeous pics of Miss B. That beats cooking chicken any day!

nikki - What you wrote about Kodiak vs. Clearwater is spot on…we miss the airstation and all that goes along with it too. In fact, when we make it out to MacDill it fills a bit like home :]
I think I recognize where you were in Tampa. My good friend does a monthly even at Curtis Hicks (Hixon?) park, right by the Glazier Children’s museum. It is Fit Kids and I think you guys would enjoy it….I can get you more details if you are interested. P.S. K and Z start violin with Kristen Wilde on Friday afternoon, thanks!!!!!

Camille Duckworth - Loved your honesty! I don’t enjoy cooking most of the time either…I definitely do it to try to just be a good responsible mom! If health and money didn’t matter, we would be eating frozen pizza and taco bell every night!

I love love LOVE that picture of your family. I already told you this, but it really made me smile to see that you had a picture of your family. Sunday our Primary Presidency stopped by for a visit and to take a picture of our family for a project they are working on. Sarah (the gal signed up with her daughter for the workshop) was taking the pictures. AFter she asked if I wanted it emailed to me, and before I could answer she says ‘oh of course not….you get all the pictures you want’! But I had to argue and beg that she send that picture because rarely do we get one of the whole family!

Looking forward to May!

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