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Yesterday was one of those days. From start to finish, nothing went as planned. I spent the entire day spinning my wheels. I would have been better off had I stayed in bed and skipped February 28th all together.

One of the problems is that I’m feeling a bit behind with all that I need to accomplish, so an entire day lost felt like a significant blow.

Among a myriad of other things, I spent 12 hours working on a video for a newborn session Jake and I shot on Tuesday. I was working through updates that I didn’t understand and had to Google 15 different ways until I figured it out. I listened to dozens of songs while reading their lyrics trying to find the right song. I finally got everything figured out and built the video. It was perfect, Jake and I both cried while we watched it (which has never happened before). I was adding the last clip, literally the last 3 seconds and the program “quit unexpectedly”.

Initially I wasn’t nervous. The program has an auto save feature. In fact, it does not even have a save button because it saves automatically. I figured I may have lost a couple clips, but when I reopened the program, the entire project was empty. I had lost E V E R Y T H I N G. Seriously.

And I stubbed my toe.



On a better note, my friend invited me to read The Book of Mormon cover to cover this month. She does it every March. Seventeen pages each day (starting today) and we’ll finish on Easter. I’ve read it before, of course. But never in one quick read. I’m looking forward to it. Would you like to join us? If you don’t have a Book of Mormon, let me know and I’ll send you a copy!

We also started 100 Days of Read Food this week! Yesterday actually. The food has been shopped for, the recipes printed, everything compiled into a binder with sheet protectors and our weekly menu is posted on the fridge.

Last night we had jambalaya and made granola for our breakfast this morning. It was delicious.


Jake bought me flowers while we were at Whole Foods yesterday shopping for sunflower and pumpkin seeds for our granola.
Flowers make me happy. I should always have fresh flowers on my table. (Are you reading this Jake?)

It also makes me happy when my boys read while they eat their breakfast. Sam-a-lam has discovered the Percy Jackson series.


The boys are a little skeptical of the real food challenge, but I think it’s going to be good for us. We can combine juicing and smoothies and the whole family can participate. Rather than just Jake and I doing something, we’re focusing on the whole family. In case you are wondering, here are the rules.

My goal is for it to get me back in the kitchen. I used to spend a lot of time cooking and preparing meals for my family, but as Simply b grew, my time in the kitchen lessened. Yesterday ┬áduring meal prep time I was teaching Sam-a-lam’s gov’t/history class and so Jake filled in. He also made the granola while I talked with a friend who came to visit yesterday evening. Josh is mentoring her son once a week. So, what I’m saying is that I failed at getting in the kitchen yesterday.

Did you know that Jake and the boys have been pig hunting? Jake went with Josh first and then Jacob next. They shot a total of 4 pigs. The meat has all been processed and we now have 150 pounds of pork in our freezer. ┬áThat should last us a while. Now we need to get a side of beef and we’ll be good.

What it looked like before it got wrapped in nice packages and put in our freezer:

That’s my update. How have you been? I hate that I haven’t figured out how to reply to your comments. Because I love reading them. It makes me happy when you stop by. Just saying.

Camille Duckworth - OH my Amy I’m so sorry! I always say there is nothing I hate more than wasting my time!!! Or feeling like it’s been wasted in one way or another. I’m anxious to see this video though!

The pigs look awesome! What a fun thing for them to do (as disgusting as it is at the same time). Hope today is SUPER FANtastic for you today!

Emily - I’m going to join you in your 30 day bom challenge, thanks for the motivation…somtimes you just need to hear someone else say they’re doing something to realize what a great idea it is, plus it’s been awhile so I’m due for a comprehensive read through…juicing, scripture readin, what will I do next thanks to you?!

Heather - How is your shoulder doing?

Your life always sounds full and awesome to me. I think that real food sounds like the trend that I could actually get into. I hate fad diets, but this sounds like just reasonable and good eating!

Whitney - I am jealous of the pigs! In response to your previous post, we have 2 handguns in the home – I shoot the Walther p22 at the range and it is FUN. A “little plinker” I call it. So just .22 but so, so fun. Zach shoots that as well as a Glock .40 cal at the range. I know how to shoot and handle the Glock, but it is a lot of weapon for me (I have extremely soft hands and too many shots can give me blisters using it). But shooting the .22 gives me great accuracy and practice on good form, etc. without getting tired or sore or just plain not having fun anymore. In a home defense situation, I would grab the .40 because I am comfortable handling it because I have used and fiddled with it enough to know it well. But for just shooting at the range and developing fine tuning my skills, I shoot the .22.

Courtney - So sorry you had a #craptastic day yesterday! I hate that! I do love reading your blog though. You are so inspiring. I think you should rename your blog: #3inspiringsonsthierlittlesisteramazingmomandsuperdad. Hmmm, maybe too much?? Anyways, can’t wait till I see you in a few weeks! So excited. I will talk your ear off! Gonna check out your new eating adventure as well. Love ya!

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