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Monthly Archives: March 2013

days like this

I want to remember days like this. It seems there is always something that has to be done. It is kind of the way Jake and I have lived our life. We work. If he’s not at his job, then we’re probably doing something for Simply b – a photoshoot for a family, or for…

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i am happy

I’m happier than usual lately. This month I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon. My friend challenged me to read it in one month. It breaks down to 17 pages each day. I’ve never read it in that manner before, at least not recently. Typically it’s a chapter a day, or the study of a…

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Sometimes I don’t post a link to my posts on Facebook. Usually when I’m not sure that I want the whole world to see what I’ve written. I know. It doesn’t make any sense. But I don’t think very many people check in here – except friends – unless I post it on Facebook. My…

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good thing i have other redeeming qualities

Jake invited us to work last week. It was our first time visiting. Life here is so different compared to Kodiak. There, life revolved around the Air Station. We heard the planes take of and land, heck – we could see them from our dining room window. We often visited Jake while he was on…

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Yesterday was one of those days. From start to finish, nothing went as planned. I spent the entire day spinning my wheels. I would have been better off had I stayed in bed and skipped February 28th all together. One of the problems is that I’m feeling a bit behind with all that I need…

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