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revamping our life

It’s 37* outside. I’m still in bed, huddled under several blankets. We don’t turn the heat on in the house. Electricity costs too much. Occasionally the kids complain about being cold. We tell them to put on socks and a jacket. It warms up eventually; it’s supposed to reach 70* today.

We’re revamping our life. New year, new house, new location. Seems like a good time. We’re working Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and striving to get out of debt. We have much more than we should. Student Loans, car loan, two mortgages, and a couple credit cards. I have lots of reasons (excuses), but they don’t seem to matter. Now we have a solid plan for paying it all off. Here’s to sticking to a budget.

While we makeover our financial fitness, we’re also focusing on our physical health and strength. Today is Day Four of Juicing | Part Deux. My personal goal is 60 days. Jake doesn’t know if he can make it that long. Mostly because he doesn’t have that much weight to lose. His goal is 30 days. We’re adding in workouts and strength training several times a week to balance everything out.

I’m tracking the money we spend on juicing (along with everything else – thanks Dave Ramsey!) and as we finish up the first week I’ll share those details. We never really tracked the cost while we were in Kodiak. But produce is definitely less expensive here. I think we’ll be able to juice and stay within our budget (while continuing to feed the kids).


*Me and my boys.

Soon they will all be taller than me. Sam-a-lam is so anxious for his growth spurt. He keeps asking when it will be.

We got annual passes to Disney World for Christmas. We’ve been several times, enough that Miss B asks when we can go back on a regular basis. Every once in a while I imagine what it must be like to live her life. Disney, the beach, walks to the park, the swimming pool. Wait – I do live that life.;)

Coming up for us this month:

Josh has a big campout this weekend in preparation for heading to the National Boy Scout Jamboree this summer. It’s an exciting time in a 12 year old’s life!

Jacob and Josh are both on swim team. Jacob’s coach has taken a personal interest in him. He’s swimming twice a day and is striving to be crazy fit before going to his National Outdoor Leadership course this summer. He’s also applied to Southern Virginia University for entrance this fall. His life is quickly becoming his own.

Sam is the only Earle boy who stuck with piano lessons. He’s downstairs right now practicing The Rainbow Connection. He’s also been studying American history/government in preparation for our Washington D.C. trip this spring. He’s definitely in the Love of Learning phase.

We’re going to Mobile, Alabama next weekend. I’m teaching a workshop and shooting a few sessions while I’m there. Sam is excited to see his friend from Kodiak. I’m excited to see mine. It’s a quick weekend, not sure who all will be going (besides Sam and I) yet.

I’m looking forward to this month… it’s going to be a good one!

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