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Monthly Archives: January 2013

if it moves unpredictably and makes a loud noise…

Last night the wind blew while the sky poured rain. It slashed against the windows. Miss B awoke and she was scared. She is terrified of the wind. And loud noises. And things that move unpredictably. Yesterday morning at sunrise we went out to take pictures of this sweet dress for Week 28 of {52…

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Juicing Part Deux | Day Two

Remember last April when Jake and I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and then started a juice fast? (This link will take you to the posts and videos we recorded while we were going through it.) We did so good for 3 weeks! We were so close to our goal! Then we moved. Literally….

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did you enjoy your story

When this life is over and all is said and done all we will take with us is our memories. Our memories shape who we are. Our memories are vast and complicated. They are happy and sad. They bring both joy and sorrow. They are filled with our education, our friendships, our adventures, our loves….

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Staying ahead of the curve

Tonight I feel accomplished. This weekend I taught 16 hours worth of Day With Amy classes! Afterwards I received the most amazing feedback from one of the attendees. When I met Jake’s eyes after reading it aloud, he had tears of pride. I’m humbled by both the letter and the love my husband has for…

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i want to remember

You would not believe what I’ve been through the last few days with all the computer business. BUT I am finally all reformatted, sorted, and backed up. It took took me four days and at least 48 hours. Last night at 1:30am I got this message: One billion hours. Plus 5 minutes. That had to…

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A respite from chauffeur duties.

Look at me! I’m on a roll with this writing thing. I’m updating my blog too. Still some finishing touches, but I like it! I woke up this morning to ANOTHER failed hard drive. I could have wept. I have spent the last two days sifting and sorting and moving files. Last night I went…

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