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Juicing | Day 13

12:31 pm

I stayed in bed until 10 am this morning finishing a book I’ve been reading for book club. It was heaven. The kids were all still sleeping. Except Jacob. He was having his last oral exam of his high school career. WOW! Now we’re getting ready to gather around the computer. Jacob’s graduation ceremony starts in 30 minutes. So excited! Can’t wait!

Day 13! Feeling great!

8:56 pm

I don’t know where today went! Jacob’s graduation was fantastic. He was awarded the Elevated Ethics Leadership Award. I’m so proud of that boy.

I had a moment today where I was so frustrated. Celebrations and food are synonymous. How do you celebrate without food? (This is not a rhetorical question… I’m really asking.) Jacob should have had a big cake and a party to celebrate. But instead I’ve been preoccupied with moving and juicing. A party right now would have been tough. But I have trouble thinking of ideas that don’t involve food.

So, Jake and I took him to the movies. We’ve been avoiding the movies since we started the fast. Jake loves popcorn. LOVES. IT. And honestly, the main reason I go to the movies is to eat popcorn, sip a soda, and eat Red Vines. Ahhh, bliss. It was tough to go to the movie and smell all the smells, but not indulge. A bit of torture actually. But it was fun to go out and celebrate with Jacob. In my mind though, I keep thinking of what we’ll do after we’re eating again and can really celebrate.

Jacob leaves Sunday to go to Elevation. It’s an outdoor leadership course taught by Williamsburg Academy. He’s been going two times a year since he started at Williamsburg. It’s his link to the real world and an opportunity to visit with his friends and forge lifelong relationships.

I took this picture of Jake and I today during the graduation. Proud parents. I had been crying. I didn’t expect to, but I was kinda bawling. It was really emotional. The headmaster talked about Jacob specifically and all of his amazing strengths and qualities and I couldn’t keep the tears back.

We all watched the ceremony attentively, except for Miss B and Sam-a-lam. They huddled on the couch and played Fruit Ninja on the iPad. Miss B must be the luckiest little girl alive. Her brothers just dote on her.

As far as the juicing is going…

We’re almost halfway done! YAY!! I’m so excited that tomorrow is Day 14.

One thing I’ve been noticing… I have to stay on top of drinking juice. When I am drinking regularly and feeling satisfied from the juices (I always do once I’ve drank them), I can withstand temptations. But if I let myself go too long without drinking, then I am totally susceptible to every little craving! It’s those moments that the doubt creeps in and all I can think about is the moment I’m finished with the 30 days and how much I’m going to enjoy eating. I don’t feel that way after I’ve had a juice. After I drink a juice I’m all committed and believe I can do this forever.

It’s good that I’m starting to figure these things out.

Lisa Mooneyham - LOL !!!! OMgeesh I LOL’d and I’m home alone ! First Miss B in the window then the carrot “CAKE” cracking me up guys !!! Way to go getting over that HUGE party hump today ! PROUD OF YOU !

kris arnold - First, congratulations on a job well done with Jacob. He sounds like a wonderful young man and very ready to go off into the world and tackle real life quite well. Great job! Second, I totally hear you on the temptations all around. I had a couple really difficult days this week. Last night I got through one big temptation and I was back to the confidence that I was missing the last few days. I’m glad I got it back because this whole changing lifestyle thing is not a piece of cake (oops). I completely understand the movie thing. We normally go a lot – I mean, who can resist cheap prices and great popcorn?! I have not been in almost a month now. I know I am not ready to be in there. The smell of the popcorn is too difficult to pass up right now and one piece would feel like I completely failed. Grrrrr. Not ready. Anyway, you’re doing great. Keep on task and keep yourself all juiced up to avoid the temptation. Not easy but when we’re able to shop off the regular people’s clothing racks it will have been worth it all! :-) )

Amy - Thanks Lisa! The movies crack me up too. It’s fun to do them. Man I cannot believe we’re already done with week 2 today!

Amy - Thank you Kris!! I’m so happy for you that you are sticking to your program and overcoming temptations as well! I am the same way. Right now I just have to keep doing, because if I falter I’m afraid of quitting.

Cat Remy - Sorry, but I was so distracted by Betsy’s cute and funny antics in the background, I could barely listen to you guys. ;)

Anna A. - I can see it in your face that you are losing weight. :) I noticed on the documentary as well that they both had great skin partway in. I would love that happy “side effect”.

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