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Juicing | Day 12

10:38 am

Jake and I were laughing last night That I should start skipping a day and see if anyone notices. Today would be Day 13, tomorrow Day 15… Maybe you had to be there, but I was on the floor laughing.

Thank you for allowing me to wallow in self-pity the last few days. I woke up this morning refreshed and ready to go. I have decided to not worry about the scale until I weigh in on Sunday morning. Hopefully I’ve purged the self defeating emotions and can move on… at least for a week. This reboot has been such a remarkable experience all around and I’m only on day 12. I encourage you to try it, even if you do it for a week or just a weekend.

One of the things that I’ve come to realize is that I TRULY have an “on” or “off” personality. I go through periods where I am so good and our family eats healthy and I have the best intentions. But then for one reason or another, I quit. I always have the best excuses, and that is when I go through binging on everything unhealthy and non nutritious.

For those of you just tuning in:
Jake and I are currently doing a 30 Day Juice Fast in order to cleanse or “reboot” our diet and health. We watched the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (found on Netflix and Hulu) and started our fast the next day. There’s a tab at the top labeled “Juicing” that will pull up each post we’ve written about juicing since Day 1.

To add to the challenge, we are in the midst of a move. We’re sorting and packing and preparing for a move across the country from Kodiak, Alaska to Clearwater, Florida. Day 30 is the day we leave our island.

Week One I lost 12 pounds and Jake lost 10.6. I have a crazy addiction to sugar and carbs and this blog is where I’m sharing my story as I try to overcome a lifetime of poor eating habits and yo-yo dieting. It’s honest and probably not so pretty. I’d love to hear from you. Your comments and messages make it easier.

I found a really great article yesterday on juicing when I was looking for information on colon health and juicing. My bowels have always been sluggish (go figure considering my typical diet). The article reiterated the importance of paying attention to the colon while juicing. I’m guessing if you’re blending, you may not have the same issues?

Since the beginning of the fast, I’ve been worried about getting enough fiber to keep my bowels moving. Jake and I have used DrNatura’s Colonix cleanse several times before over the last couple years and I use the Colonix fiber fairly regularly. I went off it because I wasn’t sure how the juice would affect me. But a couple days ago I started the Colonix cleanse system. After reading the article from Dr. Foster, I’m glad I did.

You can find Dr. Foster’s article here.

The more I read and study about nutrition and health, the more I’m astounded that the typical American diet is so far off base from where it should be! That doesn’t mean that I don’t want Red Vines (right now!) or that I don’t want to indulge at Olive Garden, but I’m gaining a testimony of whole, raw, unprocessed foods.

As a Latter Day Saint, I believe in the instruction given to us on foods to eat and substances to avoid. We refer to it as The Word of Wisdom. Unfortunately, I’ve always focused primarily on what we are to avoid (alcohol, tobacco, tea and coffee, etc) and less on the foods I should be consuming. We’re instructed to eat vegetables and fruits with thanksgiving, whole grains which are the staff of life, and to eat meat sparingly. Even more amazing to me is that this instruction was given to us 179 years ago in 1833. Such wise instruction and I’m only now embracing and truly understanding the full implication of it.

The clarity that I have (when I’m not wallowing) is amazing and I feel full of health and vigor. It helps that I’m wearing a pair of pants I could not previously fit into.

Miss B and I are going to lunch with our girlfriends today. I cannot wait to have some girl talk and catch up on the gossip. I’m going to miss lunches like this when we move. I have amazing friends. I will be bringing a green juice for myself and a fresh lunch for Miss B. I used to order her chicken strips and french fries, but this morning I was thinking that I really didn’t want to feed her that. (Who am I… and what happened to Amy?)

10:23 pm

Great day today! Bring on Day #13. I’m ready.

I’m not sure why there is the delay between us talking and what you hear in the video. It’s totally annoying to me, but it’s too late to mess with it anymore.

Stephanie - Hi Amy, I don’t know you, but found you on Facebook, via a long-time, dear friend of mine, Dahlia. Anyhow, I wanted to let you know you, your husband, your blog and your journey are an inspiration! I’ve watched a lot of the food documentaries and I have aspired to do a cleanse, just never got up the gumption to do it. I have been on a modified way of eating since Jan 9th of this year. I would eat low carb for breakfast and lunch and then a normal dinner (including dessert). I lost 25 pounds doing that. I have done it before, and knew I would have some sort of loss because I have done it twice before. January 9th, I was at my heaviest, non-pregnancy weight, which happened to be my peak pregnancy weight of my 3rd daughter who is now 2-1/2 years old. I have the standard issue yo-yo story too. I haven’t tried all the latest diets and fads, but I have been around the block many times. Anyhow, when I saw your blog via facebook, I let it pass by the first couple days, and eventually, one of the posts grabbed me. It was the post with the picture of you on a cloudy day. I was interested to see how you were doing, so I read that day, and decided to start from your first day on juicing. Congrats to you for seeing this through. I have learned a lot already from your adventure. I have been trying to figure out how or what to do next, as I wanted to be able to work more fruits and veggies into my diet (because my dinners weren’t exactly glorifying to God), which I did before I started the lower carb eating. When was reacquainted with the idea of juicing, I figured this would be perfect. My husband is going out of town for 2 weeks, beginning May 5th, and I figured that would be the perfect time to do a juicing fast. After watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead today, (I thought I’d seen it before, but hadn’t), I decided I would begin today, with or 2 juicings a day, having a veggie/fruit heavy dinner (with less carbs and meat than I would normally have), and still do juicing when my husband is gone. I started today with my lunch, using what I had already at my house which was apples, carrots and english cucumber. I remember from watching a documentary (Gerson Miracle and another is The Beautiful Truth) that used mainly apples/carrots for cleansing and healing the body, so I figured it would be a good start. I had all 3 of my girls (ages 8, 5-1/2 and 2-1/2) try the juice, which was actually didn’t hit the spot for me, but it was far from bad. My older 2 said they didn’t like the cucumber in it, but my 2-1/2 year old loved it! She wanted more after having a full cup on ice. So with all that said, thank you for being an inspiration to a complete stranger. Thank you for being real. =) Blessings on your journey! Alright, I think I’ve written enough for now. Good night!

Amy - Stephanie, Thank you so much for your comment! And I’m so excited for you! I will definitely be checking out the documentaries you mentioned. I’m not a huge fan of carrot juice. Although I’m starting to get more accustomed to it. Today I made a juice with spinach, carrot, apple and lemon and it was pretty good. Congratulations on the weight loss you’ve already achieved! That is just fantastic! I’m glad you are joining the journey! Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you!

Kimberly - Wow! done with day 12, Almost half way! I love you guys, thanks so much for the inspiration.

Emily - I get a kick out of your videos and you have to say you both look trimmer since just 12 short (ya right, right?!) days ago. Also I can’t get over the color in your faces–so healthy and glowing–what a great side effect to have! Quick and random question about adding lemon…do you just peel and chuck the whole thing in there, like with oranges or do you squeeze the juice out and add it later? Either way it fine, but just curious how you do it–I’ve yet to add it, but have a couple that need using in the fridge.

Emily - that should have been “I” have to say..not “you” have to say

Amy - Thanks Emily! We actually peel and chuck it in the juicer. Yesterday I did a juice just for me and put a whole lemon it. Whew! It was a little too “bright” for my taste. :)

Dahlia - Amy!!! You look amazing! It’s been maybe 2 days since I really checked in, but I noticed in this video and the instagram photo of you and Jake (proud parents) that you are GLOWING!!! I totally can see your results!
I’ve eased my way into smoothies…because I don’t have a juicer…and it just feels so much better than garbage for meals instead. Thank you for documenting your journey, what an inspiration and an example.
Oh, and what are you feeding your kids? I went through our pantry today and gathered up a huge bag of junk food. I think Brayton’s addicted to sugar…seriously. It’s got to go!


Amy - Thanks Kim!!

Amy - Dahlia, What a great compliment! I’ve been having to focus on all the little things because the scale hasn’t been budging. I have noticed that my skin is looking better and that we look more healthy.

As far as the kids go, they have been eating a lot of fish and rice and veggies. But last night I made pigs in a blanket because we had the ingredients. :) So they are still all over the place, but I haven’t been buying chips, cookies (or making desserts actually), fruit snacks, candy, or any of the other stuff that used to be a staple in our diet.

I thought B was the same way. But she loves her little lunches with cut up cheeses, fruits, veggies, peanut butter (to dip the fruit in). Sam loves those too. I give him toothpicks and he goes to town!

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