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Juicing | Day 11

For those of you just tuning in:
Jake and I are currently doing a 30 Day Juice Fast in order to cleanse or “reboot” our diet and health. We watched the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (found on Netflix and Hulu) and started our fast the next day. There’s a tab at the top labeled “Juicing” that will pull up each post we’ve written about juicing since Day 1.

To add to the challenge, we are in the midst of a move. We’re sorting and packing and preparing for a move across the country from Kodiak, Alaska to Clearwater, Florida. Day 30 is the day we leave our island.

Week One I lost 12 pounds and Jake lost 10.6. I have a crazy addiction to sugar and carbs and this blog is where I’m sharing my story as I try to overcome a lifetime of poor eating habits and yo-yo dieting. It’s honest and probably not so pretty. I’d love to hear from you. Your comments and messages make it easier.

9:38 am

There is a reason you aren’t supposed to weigh in every day. Because if you are working really hard and the scale doesn’t budge, it can sabotage you. And if that were to happen 3 days in a row, you might just want to throw in the towel.

Not that that is happening to me… I’m just saying.

Who am I kidding?! IT IS HAPPENING TO ME and I’M PISSED!

I may have even cried this morning.

But I am still committed and I keep reminding myself this isn’t about the scale. Really it’s not. This is long term. I’m going to stop yo-yo-ing. I’m going to think longterm and not just about a silly thing like today’s numbers. At least I can try.

Jake’s body on the other hand is responding exactly how we expected. It’s just shedding the pounds. Each day he continues to have huge losses.


I’ve had several people ask about how he juices at work. He has a cooler with freezer packs and a 2 liter container that he carries to work. He’ll juice up a ton of juice and take it to work in that and then refill his cup as needed. He has all the energy he needs to work and then come home and pack and prepare for our move.

I’m off to get some more work done. The sun is shining and I’m going to take the kids out for a walk in a little bit. Yay for spring!! Maybe it will be warmer than 45* today! (I’m going to melt in Florida.)

10:45 am

Do you juice? I’d love to hear what your favorite concoctions are.

We’ve found that our staple foods are:


We’ve also added:

Red chard
Bell pepper

We added turnip greens this morning. They were terrible and made my throat burn. Thats what we get for adding stuff all willy nilly.

11:45 am

Enough talk of myself, my issues, and juicing. Have I mentioned that Jacob is graduating from high school the day after tomorrow? Holy smokes. Our life is just a whirlwind and I’m afraid his graduation is going to be a bit anti-climactic. And I’m so bummed about that! His graduation deserves all the accolades and congratulations as any other. More perhaps. He is far from a typical high school student. Even if you discount the fact that he just turned 16 in January, his maturity and education are far beyond what you would find from an average high school graduate.

I don’t think I can even describe how much effort he has put into his education over the last three years. He has such a passion for knowledge and educating himself. For the last three years he has studied 12-15 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, 10-11 months a year. He has definitely put in his time to get a full scholar phase. (We adhere to the principles taught in A Thomas Jefferson Education written by Oliver DeMille. We don’t focus on ages/grades, but on phases of learning that children go through. It’s been incredible to watch Jacob grow and develop through the phases.)

For the last three years Jacob has attended Williamsburg Academy. It’s an online accredited high school. He has live classes online with other students and a mentor. I’ve written about Williamsburg before, although not lately. But here is a link to some of those posts.

Although he didn’t swim competitively this year due to the high demands of his classes, he has been on the swim team every year before. He’s *this close* to achieving the rank of Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts. He owns his own lawn care business and earns his own way. How he manages to do it all are beyond me.

Jacob, I am so proud of you. I’m so excited about all that the future holds for you!

7:55 pm

What an amazing day in Kodiak!! Clear blue skies, warm temperatures (57*), and all the excitement of spring in the air.

Tonight I made a sweet treat the whole family could enjoy. I blended a pineapple with a cup of coconut water and some ice. YUMM! Pineapple smoothie!! We didn’t juice the pineapple. The few times I’ve tried, it has gummed up the juicer. It still juiced it, but it was a pain. Tonight I just opted to blend it in the blender (after watching BFF Kim’s vlog that she has been doing all her blending in just a regular blender! Who knew?!) It was DELICIOUS and such a yummy treat to end such a gorgeous day.

Thank you for all your words of encouragement. I love Audrey’s comment in which she writes:

In the Middle Ages, they had guillotines, stretch racks, whips and chains. Nowadays, we have a much more effective torture device called the bathroom scale.” – Stephen Phillips

When Jake read what I wrote this morning about the weight just dropping off him, he got tears in his eyes and told me he wished he could trade places with me. Which in turn brought tears to my eyes. I’m happy for him and his success. I don’t begrudge it one bit. I just wish my body was reacting the same way.

Hopefully it’s just going through a hormonal change, or it’s a little confused about what I’m doing, or it’s a little annoyed I’m just feeding it fruits and vegetables. I can be stronger than my body. Isn’t that what this is all about? My spirit seeking dominion? Thanks for all the reminders.

10:20 pm

Amy Kraync - I’m totally understanding and living with you the dissapointment on the scales! Boy does that feeling ring all too familiar with me… I love your attitude though and you are inspiring! Jacob is amazing too! Love that boy! And I’m so thankful for the day he came into Kenzi’s life. I wish God would send someone to Jax’s life who is just like him! He needs it right now! I hope everything goes good with the move. You and your family are in my prayers.

Lisa Mooneyham - HA I was UP 2 after my first day yesterday ! BUT i think it’s bloat ! about 4 PM i was totally miserable with gas pain and bloat. and I drank water.
Maybe more water needed? Hang in there girly ! Your a rock star !

Emily - “Jake’s body on the other hand is responding exactly how we expected. It’s just shedding the pounds. Each day he continues to have huge losses.
Whatever.” Classic! way to keep the humor intact, even if the scale’s giving you a run for your money. I’m sure plateau-ing is normal, but I know what you mean about the frustration–you wonder “why the heck am I even doing this then?! Fine. I’ll got eat a donut.” But it’s nice to feel healthy physically and mentally and that’s what it’s about, just like you said. I appreciate your candor. Congratulations to Jacob. He’s seems like a very impressive young man. :0)

Dani - Amy, Good job!!!! I’ve been eating red vines for you!! hahaha….I still haven’t found time to sit with John and watch the video, but we ARE going to. IS there a reason you hit the scale every day? why not at the end of each week? Just curious.
I am so happy for Jacob! It makes my want to cry though hearing about it, I can only pray that I get to see that day with Damon!!
Keep up the good (hard) work.

Audrey - Dani, you ARE going to see that day!

Audrey - Amy, regardless of what that damn scale is telling you, I can SEE the difference in you and I know you can feel it. I’ll bet if you took cholesterol and blood pressure readings right now, they’d be excellent too. I think your body is just trying to fight and rebel against the new and improved Sheriff Amy.
You’re on the right path. Quit letting that scale try to tempt you off of it. You’re inspiring me with your strength and determination!

Audrey - “In the Middle Ages, they had guillotines, stretch racks, whips and chains. Nowadays, we have a much more effective torture device called the bathroom scale.” – Stephen Phillips

Courtney Dickerson - Hang in there Amy. I too know how frustrating the scale can be, but that doesn’t stop me from getting on every morning! Lol! I am just finishing day eight and lost 10.4lbs in my first week! I’m pretty excited about that and anxious at the same time for the scale not to be as nice to me this next week. But I am seeing and feeling major changes. I am awake in the morning, I have energy, and just feel fantastic! Now it would be just great if my clothes would start fitting! I WILL NOT BUY NEW CLOTHES! Keep up the awesome work. You are keeping me inspired daily

Have ou tried beets? Who knew, but the are great for juice! They are one of my staples. I also do kale, broccoli, cucumbers, apples,oranges,carrots, peppers, kiwi, pears. I was doing spinach but I find it not juicing very well. Any suggestions for that? Just seems to chop it up and throw it into the pulp catcher.

I really like to mix beets, broccoli, apples and/or pears together.

Camille Duckworth - Amy, I thought of you today as I made my smoothie! Really you could juice a few things, orange and cucumber, then use that juice to add to frozen or even fresh things in the blender for more smoothies! This morning for me it was spinach, kiwi, banana and strawberry., I almost added cucumber, but got to lazy to get it out of the fridge and cut it up. My kids love the darn stuff though. I thought the green appearance from the whole cup of spinach would throw them off…but they are no dummies. I use a flavored water for my juice cause I love it…but certainly could use many other things. I think I might be making them twice a day now as I’m trying to cut out more processed foods and carbs to see if I can kick start some fat loss again! Man it goes slow doesn’t it? Oh well….tomorrow is a new fresh day! Enjoy it! (oh…an dif it makes you feel any better you had warmer weather today than I did!)

Camille Duckworth - By the way, in the video you mentioned Betsy eating more. My kids are super picky and I try really hard to not feed them tonz of processed stuff…but it seems a bit harder. What has she been eating more of?

Dahlia - Our bodies are amazing. I’ve been thinking about how great a blessing they actually are – bodies. You are amazing too, Amy (and Jake!). And Jacob’s mind is amazing. Congratulations to him, and I’m excited for him in his next chapter of life. As always, thank you so much for posting about your journey – it’s inspiring and you’re a wonderful example to me, wishy-washy me. :)

Alex Macgregor - Hahahah. You crack me up! ‘whatever’. That’s exactly how I feel when Roger and I diet/workout together. He has this amazing loss ALL the time! We both have problems with sticking to our diets and being here has been hard with all this amazing food to eat and try. (another reason I’d be happy to get back to Kodiak!) It’s always pretty discouraging to hear about his losses when mine are not so wonderful. Especially when I have more to lose than him! No fair. :)

Bonnie Leavitt - Amy, I don’t know if you’re adverse to artificial sweeteners, but if there’s much fruit in your smoothies they can be quite high in calories. If you’re not hating the idea of sweeteners, perhaps you could try cutting out a fruit or two and sweetening with some splenda.

Bonnie Leavitt - Or stevia, or truvia.

Lindsey Glenn - Kids will eat good foods! Their body knows what it needs. We would make separate meals for Lindy because we though she wouldn’t like what we were eating. FALSE! Besides, kids learn by example right? When mom and dad make good choices, kids will too.

Now for my confession. I too am a sugar addict. I love fruits and veggies and avoid red meats, and eat other meats sparingly, but my sweet tooth definitely could be under a little more control. I too feel the need to purge my system and start fresh. How does that work with activity level. If I am running 25-35 miles a week, would that be possible on a juice diet?

Keep up the good work, you both look fantastic! (and are so inspiring).

Amy - Thank you Amy!! I can’t believe we’re so close to moving and that Jacob’s graduation is done now. How old is Jax? Are he and Josh close in age?

Amy - Thanks Lisa! I’m going to try more water today. I’ve been drinking about 75 ounces a day. Maybe a I need more to help flush the fat?

Amy - Thank you Emily! And I’m so glad you are able to read these posts and get my humor. I wonder if it’s coming across the way I intend!

Amy - I’m with Audrey! You are going to see that day! And I’m so glad that you are eating Red Vines for me!! Someone needs to! :) Can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks. Maybe we can go to lunch and have a salad.

Amy - Audrey, this comment meant so much to me!! Thank you for the inspiration! I don’t know why the scale isn’t budging, but I just have to keep on trying. I have to be more stubborn than my body!

Amy - Courtney I am so proud of you!! 10.4 pounds!! Holy crap girl! You rock!!! How long are you doing the fast for? I’m with you too about the clothes! I’m done buying bigger. I’m going to fit into what I have!!

Amy - Thanks Camille! Miss B will NOT drink our juices which is funny because she usually wants anything we have!

Amy - She’s just eating a lot more fruits and vegetables. I think mostly because they are so much more available than they used to be. Because we don’t have any of the junk food around she opts for the healthy stuff. She likes to dip them in peanut butter.

Amy - I know! Our bodies are so incredible! I’m so happy to be treating mine with more respect.

Amy - No kidding. When my mom and dad used to diet, my dad wold sneak Snickers Bars because he always lost so much more weight (and faster) than my mom. So he would cheat so his weight loss slowed down. He didn’t have much to lose anyway. That always made me smile that my dad would do that for my mom.

Amy - Hi Bonnie! Thanks for the suggestion!

Amy - You are so right about kids. It’s been amazing. I don’t know how it would be for you to do a full juice fast with that sort of activity. Although maybe. I’m amazed because of the amount of work Jake does (heavy lifting, long hours) and his energy level has been great. But you would probably want to supplement your diet a bit rather than a full fast.

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