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Freezing and Fighting

It’s been a little quiet around here the last few days. Did I make everyone uncomfortable with my last post? I apologize if I did. I’ll blame it on the weather. Or the dark. Or the cold. Or the unknowing of where our future lies. Or perhaps it’s just good old depression. Or all of the above. But either way, I’m over it. I think I’ll start answering the phone tomorrow.

Miss B and I went to Anchorage yesterday. She needed to see the eye doctor. We have been noticing that her eyes have been crossing a lot more than usual lately. It’s the most uncomfortable thing to see her right eye turn all the way in. Her glasses are supposed to fix it, but lately her eyes have been crossing even with the glasses.

So it was off to Anchorage. We had to be up at 5am to catch a 7am flight. Miss B didn’t want to wake up. I didn’t either. She doesn’t love flying. I don’t either. We were on an Era Aviation flight. They fly small propellor planes. We were not on their smallest plane, but it was still cold, dark, noisy and bumpy. As soon as the props pushed into full gear, Miss B was scared out of her wits.

She’s kind of a fraidy cat anyway. She is afraid of anything that doesn’t move predictably. Bugs, balls, tutus, and prop planes in windy conditions. We were tossed all over the air currents on our ascent out of Kodiak. It was uncomfortable. And that is the understatement of the century. I hate flying. But when Miss B started to lose control, I took her face in my hands and said, “It’s OKAY! We’re going to be fine! DON’T worry! Mommy has you!” I hugged her tight and tried to sound as if I was in control. I don’t think she bought it.

The weather app on my phone said Anchorage was going to be 10*. That’s cold, but not too cold. It lied. When we arrived in Anchorage it was -12*. We were not prepared for that kind of cold. No gloves, no hats. I had dressed Miss B in layers, but I was wearing a light weight jacket. Freezing.

The doors on the rental car were practically frozen shut. The trunk was frozen stuck. My fingers were numb after installing B’s car seat and getting us all situated. We didn’t have long in town. Just enough time time to dash through Target, see the doctor, grab a bite to eat, visit Lens Crafters, zip through the mall, put gas in the car (after pounding on the gas tank door – which was frozen shut), and then head back to the airport for our departing flight.

The drive back to the airport looked like this. The sun setting at 4:14pm. The trees coated in white frost. The mountains lit with the remaining glow of the sun as it disappeared over the horizon. We live in a beautiful state. Cold… but beautiful.

Getting a sleeping Miss B and her car sear and a diaper bag and a small carryon, AND a box of 4 caramel apples that I decided to take home to the boys out of the rental car, through the airport and to the gate was ridiculous. Jake asked me why I hadn’t rented one of those cart things. Because they were OUTSIDE! And it was freezing. And I would have had to put down the sleeping Miss B which would have resulted in a cranky Miss B. And it was -12* and just not worth it. So I looked like a pack mule as I juggled everything through the airport. I’m not sure how I accomplished it.

Once we were finished checking in, I finally put B down. Only to have her refuse to walk on the tiles in the airport. They were orange and black specked shiny granite. And she was afraid of them. She honestly wouldn’t walk over them. There was a thin (think 12″) carpet strip along the outside wall of the airport and she would only walk on that. She got boxed in at one point and had no where to go. She looked around in terror and refused to move.

Crazy girl. The things she is afraid of make me chuckle.

Here’s a peak at her new glasses. She should be wearing them by now, but they have to be special ordered. Even though we went to Lens Crafters and paid a premium for their one-hour process, it turns out that Miss B’s new prescription isn’t one hour doable. She needs the 7-10 business days glasses. Those are the ones that look like coke bottles (in case you were wondering). I was hoping to have her new glasses for our trip. I even paid a small fortune to get premium anti-glare coating put on them.

Oh – and about her appointment. She may have to have eye surgery. We’re going to try an eye patch for a month or two. But if that doesn’t help, it looks like another eye surgery is in her future.:(

Did I tell you we are going on a trip? Yes, I vaguely remember mentioning that we had decided against the trip. But after a doozy of a fight (not an argument or disagreement) but a full blown fight, Jake and I decided that our family needed a vacation.

You see, Jake and I don’t fight. Ever. We don’t. Sure, we disagree. We’ll even argue. But fighting? That doesn’t ever happen. You may say that everyone fights… we just don’t. But on New Years Eve 2011, we did.

Joshua and Sam were shocked. They didn’t know what to do. It didn’t last too long. About 24 hours. But long enough to keep us home from church on New Years Day. We even swore at each other.

During the debrief of our knock down-drag out, we decided that we were going to take the family and go somewhere warm, for as long as possible. Jake had some leave on the books (19 days to be exact) and we had 150,000 airline miles banked (conveniently the exact amount needed for 6 round trip tickets) and so it was a done deal. By the end of New Year’s Day, we were booked.

We’ll be spending a week at Disneyland. A few days at the beach. A week in Sacramento. And a night in Anchorage on either end. We leave in less than 48 hours.

I cannot wait to see Miss B’s face when she sees Mickey Mouse. I hope he doesn’t move unpredictably.

We’ll be doing some photography and some filming while we’re there. I have high hopes for some projects I’ve got rattling around in my brain.

I plan on checking in here while we’re there. So keep an eye out for new posts. You don’t mind if I just upload iPhone photos do you?

Emily - This was funny and frustrating all at the same time. My shoulder muscles were getting all bunched up, the classic stress back ache I seem to get in similar situations, for you! Trudging through the cold and airport, miss b upset on the plane, the plane bouncing around–ahhhh! I can’t handle it. Obviously I’ve done an unhealthy amount of travelling by myself with our small children and am traumatized. BUT your trip? OH your trip! Wonderful, I hope you have a fabulous time, from the itinerary it sounds like you will!

Courtney - Can I say again how jealous I am of your trip? I still stick by the idea that we could have climbed in your suitcases and gone with. ;) Your trip through the airport sounds much like our trip out here. What a pain in the butt it was. Hope you guys are having a fabulous time!

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