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Monthly Archives: January 2012

My World This Morning

On the Day With Amy Facebook page, we’re doing a 52 week project. I am the WORST at photo projects. A couple years ago I tried a ’1000 Moments of Joy’ Project. I think I got to moment 54. Last year I did a 52 week project. I got to week 2. I suppose I…

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Miss B was her usual self at Disneyland. Big smiles and full of excitement. She got plenty of looks, smiles, and compliments. I mean, how can you resist a darling toddler decked out in a princess dress enamored by everything around her? Each morning at Disneyland we dressed Miss B in a different Princess dress….

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Mini Minnie

What an incredibly perfect week. Of all our trips to Disneyland (five), this has been our favorite. Hands down. We could not have had a better time. A combination of beautiful weather, light crowds, and amazing accommodations made for an unforgettable vacation. The convenience of staying at Disney’s Grand Californian was worth the extra money…

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Freezing and Fighting

It’s been a little quiet around here the last few days. Did I make everyone uncomfortable with my last post? I apologize if I did. I’ll blame it on the weather. Or the dark. Or the cold. Or the unknowing of where our future lies. Or perhaps it’s just good old depression. Or all of…

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Impending Doom

Friday afternoon as Jake and I walked into Walmart we commented on the warm weather. After weeks of single digits, 25* felt balmy. The wind was still and it seemed as if the world around us was holding its breath. By the time we left the store, the skies had darkened and a light snow…

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My World

First I will start out with the insignificant complaints. It’s not even 7pm and I’m in bed. I have a cold. Stuffy/runny nose. How is it possible to have a stuffed yet runny nose at the same time? And sneezes. Huge sneezes. And a headache. Sounds like a Nyquil night to me. But not yet….

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