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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Book Worm

How is your morning going? Mine is fantastic. The sun has been shining in Kodiak for almost a week now. The wind is blowing 70mph too, but I’ll take the sunshine however it comes. My dining room this morning. Josh is writing his story. It’s his version of The Three Little Pigs. Sam is sharing…

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Life. Unexpected.

You know I love Matilda Jane. Last night I was reading their blog. They are participating in an auction and the proceeds will go to a woman, a photographer, who lost her husband to cancer two weeks ago. Last night I spend some time reading Val Koop’s blog. And I cried. I cried for an…

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My World… Today.

8:15am Wake up. Realize we slept in and Miss B is in bed with Jake and I. She’s playing with my iPhone while Jake plays Words with Friends on his. He’s on Duty tonight and doesn’t have to work until 4pm. 8:20am Jake gets into shower. Sister Becky calls. We talk for 15 minutes. 8:35am…

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I’m grateful my sons have each other. The bond between brothers is truly a remarkable gift. *Josh and Jacob at a swim meet last month *At swim meets coaches write on the swimmer’s arm. In Sharpie they outline each event, heat, and stroke they will be swimming. Here Josh is explaining to Sam how to…

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One. More. Year.

We got the news today. We’re staying in Kodiak another year. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Now I can start planning. Jake and I are going to go to Hawaii to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. Our anniversary is in October, but I think we’d rather go to Hawaii in February….

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