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Monthly Archives: January 2011

You Make Me Happy.

This is my new favorite song. I have an entire playlist based around this song. Filled with songs that have a similar feel. I listen to it during photoshoots. Or when I’m cleaning the house, or making breakfast, or playing with my kids. The music fills me with happiness. Especially when my house is clean…

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Binky Baby

This girl and her binkies. She trades them out as if they have different flavors. P.S. I’m amazed that you all knew about Bag Balm! Even my father. Though we never had it in our house… did we? (None of my sisters chimed in on that post. So I can’t tell for sure.)

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Bag Balm

Have you heard of Bag Balm? I had not. Until my neighbor introduced me to it. Sam-a-lam gets the worst chapped lips. Ever. He licks and licks and they get more and more inflamed. We’ve tried everything. Chapstick. Healing Salve. Vaseline. Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. You name it. Nothing worked. Enter Erica (my…

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This morning (Saturday) we’re up early. Each Saturday morning should start as nicely as today. Jake and I went to bed early last night and Miss B slept the entire night in her crib (for the second night in a row). We slept thoroughly and soundly and it was wonderful. The boys jumped out of…

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It’s Saturday morning. Jake is sitting duty. The 24 hour kind. Blah. The boys are out shoveling the neighborhood. They are seeking cash. Their stores have run dry since lawn mowing season ending months ago. I’ve got the crockpot soaking in the sink. It got left on warm all night and now tortilla soup is…

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Good Night’s Sleep

I’ve been up since 5:39 this morning. And I feel rested. The last two nights I’ve been in bed (and asleep) before 10pm. I’d like to make a habit of it. I often find myself up late editing. But the day after, I get up late and I’m groggy. That’s no good for Mommy. This…

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