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Saturday is a special day… at least it should be.


Our Sabbath Day had a rocky start. One of those Sundays where everyone is running around, looking for socks, ties, undershirts, hairbrushes. Miss B was dressed. She’s the easy one. Her hair pulled back in a little pigtail on top of her head, fancy hair clip attached. Her black and white polka dot patent leather shoes clip clopped across the kitchen floor. It was the rest of us that struggled. Well dressed Father. Half dressed children. And me, the furthest behind of everyone. There were angry words, and annoyed voices.

Mine halted everything. I observed the disaster that was our house. The clothing piled on our couch rivaled Mt. Everest. The garbage overflowing. My desk piled high with Christmas catalogs and a weeks worth of unopened mail. Dishes cluttering the countertop and I said enough. It came out more like ENOUGH!

We had a mini family council and sent everyone to go change. We spent the day putting our house in order. Cleaning, scouring, rearranging. Purging, mucking, and reorganizing. By 5pm I had a raging headache. But the deed was done. Jake sent me to bed and headed out to teach the Temple Prep class at church.

We should have done it all yesterday. Saturday is the day we get ready for Sunday. And we missed it. Our Saturday was madness instead. Madness doesn’t prepare us for Sunday. Madness prepares us for chaos.

I desire a more serene Sabbath Day. And usually, it’s what we get. Working together to get everyone out the door on time. Our new bishop, Bishop Black, has asked us to be in our seats 10 minutes early. Our bishop in North Pole asked the same thing of us. He quoted Elder Boyd K. Packer when he told us “Reverence invites revelation.” {You can read Elder Packer’s entire talk by clicking here.} And who doesn’t need more personal revelation in their lives?

We found that when we heeded his council, our Sabbath was smoother, from start to finish. Simply the desire to be obedient and be 10 minutes early, helped. The chaos of Sunday morning was left behind and our thoughts were turned to allow the Spirit to permeate our home.

Next Saturday, I’m going to prepare more fully. And it should be easier, because my house is amazingly clean.

loveland9 - I think I just read about my own life. Sunday morning is crazy and why is that? And how, after cleaning the house on Saturday does the house look like a train wreck Monday morning???

Glad you got some rest and you're back to your amazingly clean home.

Dahlia - That was our Sunday too. Saturday was spent making a huge mess somehow and after church, we got it all picked up. I definitely would LOVE to be in our seats 10 minutes early, and with 9am church, it's a struggle, but with some prep work the day before, it WILL be done.
Enjoy your week, and thanks for Elder Packer's talk!!

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