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Sam. The Man.


Sunday morning we arrived at church early. The boys dressed in their autumn colored argyle sweaters and Miss B wearing a dress my friend made her, also in autumn colors. I love a good set of coordinating clothing. Not too matchey/matchey, though. But coordinated enough to work well together.

I didn’t get a picture of everyone. I had my eye {and my camera} set on Sam. Sam and Dad.

Sunday was Sam’s big day. He was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. His baptism was held directly after church. The entire ward was in attendance. It was unfortunate the pipes were acting up and the font was filled with water that appeared much like pea soup.

But no matter. Each boy has their story to tell of their baptism day. From the forgotten camera at Jacob’s to the flooding font at Josh’s. Sam will tell of his pea soup.

In our church we don’t baptize children until they reach the age of 8. We call it the age of accountability. By that age, children know the difference between right and wrong. That’s important. Of course they’ll make mistakes, we all do, and they can repent. We also baptize by immersion. Just as Jesus Christ was baptized. Sam was properly immersed and came up with a smile. Jake was smiling too.

As I watched the two of them, dressed in white, standing in the {murky} water, my heart was filled with joy. Another feeling mingled with the joy. I’m not sure I can identify it. Sadness perhaps? Is Sam really eight years old? Are all my sons now baptized? How can that be?

I watched as Sam changed before my eyes. Earlier that day he stood at the pulpit in front of a congregation of 100 members and bore his testimony. It was his first time. There was no fear, just confidence. He shared his testimony that he knows the church is true. That he knows President Monson is a prophet of God and that he was following in Jesus’ example by being baptized.

Before his baptism I watched him approach six men from our ward (including the bishop) and invite them to help confirm him a member of the church. After his confirmation I watched as he shook each man’s hand and then gave his father a hug.

He sat next to me as Jacob gave a talk on baptism. Jacob spoke eloquently, yet simply, about the importance of baptism and his love for Sam. Jacob’s tears brought tears to Sam’s eyes. My own were already bright.

What an extraordinary day. Later Sam and his brothers chose not to go trick-or-treating. After all, Sam was now perfect, fresh from baptism. And it is a commandment to keep the Sabbath Day holy, isn’t it?

Baptized on Halloween. Just like his mother. Congratulations Sam.


Leslie :~D - I know how you're feeling. I only have 1 child left to baptize. 2 years from now. My third child will be leaving Primary in January (he just did his last program). He'll be getting the priesthood. I have all kinds of weird feelings now as things like this happen. It's realizing how fast time goes and how we really only have them for such a short time. It's the feelings of "have I done enough, taught them enough, taught them right?" It's crazy to think that our parents felt this way too. Who'd a thunk it?? :~)

Sweet memories. Love the picture of the men!

loveland9 - That is awesome. You've got me in tears. You know friend, I've missed you. I've missed your writing and your simple life. But with that, I'm excited for you and the things you're accomplishing. Just sayin'. :)

Amanda Bush - you always can make me cry. I am having very similar emotions as Trina turns 12, and tomorrow at church she will move into young womans. Where has the time gone?

Amanda Bush - btw: can I say your hubby looks a lot like a GA in that first picture? WEIRD!!!

Mom Sense - AMy what a wonderful day for all of you! Wish we had been there. Sam and Jake look to wonderful together.
miss you and love you.

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