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Land of the Lost


There is a black hole in my house. It does not attract everything. Just some things. Specific categories of items that disappear and are gone forever.

Like Miss B’s fancy hair clips. (Please see Exhibit “A”) The ones I paid decent money for. I can always find the kind that came in the 12 pack from Target for $1.99. But the other, more expensive clips disappear into that black hole.

And swim goggles. The gravitational pull of the black hole is too intense for the goggles to resist. They simply release their hold on reality and allow themselves to be sucked in. Unfortunately their disappearance will not be discovered until moments before they are desperately needed. It’s a tragedy really. By that time, they will never be found again.

I cannot leave out keys. This is a new occurrence, yet devastating none the less. The metal alloy in the chemical makeup of the keys must be a new attraction to the black hole. An attraction born this summer and bent on devouring all keys within it’s path. We’ve searched and we’ve searched, yet they have simply been swallowed up by that area of space-time with a gravitational field so intense that its escape velocity is equal to or exceeds the speed of light. What hope do they have? There is no saving them.

Of course there is the odd item lost here and there. Like my Bare Escentuals lip gloss. Although, I suspect that may be more Miss B’s doing than the black hole. I expect it to show up, unlike the items the black hole has so completely devoured.

Like my flip flops. The ones I bought on sale at REI when I was in California this summer. The flip flops that my feet dream of. The ugly grey rubber ones that I fell in love with the minute I tried them on. The shoes that massaged my feet with their little nubbies and cradled my toes when I walked. I have searched high and I have searched low. There is no other reasoning. They have been eaten. And I weep. I do not know their brand. They are irreplaceable. Especially for the price I paid. *sob*

I’ve googled and scoured the internet, looking for an answer to my problem. It appears that once a black hole has been created, there is no closing it. I’m doomed to lose expensive hair clips, swimming goggles, and keys of all combinations. And my favorite pair of shoes. NO!! I shall defy that one! I will no longer name a favorite. Perhaps that will trick the devious monster and it will leave my shoes alone.

Am I alone? Or do you have a black hole at your residence?

Lynn - My M has an auntie who has her own bow making business, so she gets spoiled by Aunt Michaele. I made her one of these to keep bows on; http://www.girlythingsbows.com/bow_board.html

Kimberly - Yes, we have a black hole at our house too! Ours eats googgles too, socks, pencils with erasers, and one glove out of every set.

Dolly - We discovered our black hole weeks ago… under my six year olds PILLOW. We forget to check every now and then, but when we do stop and look-we find clippers, scissors,game-boys, rings, candy, keys, remote controls and so much more. If I didn't search his room daily-I'm sure this kid could open his dime-store business!

loveland9 - I'm with you on the hairclips. It's only the "nice" ones that go missing.

Fortunately socks don't cost an arm and a leg, they're always missing and I'm always buying.

The Addams Family - LOL! You are too funny!

Dahlia - Oh yes, we've got a blackhole here. It ate our credit cards and what a hassle that was to replace and then call every business that was set up on autopay. I think our blackhole may be the trash can and has the aid of a sneaky little 2 year old. And the stuff that did go missing never was found – even when we packed up to move. Weird.

Morrison Monkeys - We have a rather large black hole that insists on only swallowing right handed gloves, one of each sock (especially the expensive Smart Wool ones), and yes, goggles right before time for swimming, and many other frivolous items that at the time are very much needed! But I too have found quite a few of my children's missing items under my 5 year olds pillow! Strange how that is not just at my house that an occurance such as this happens! I may have to dig deeper into the before mentioned 5 year olds bedroom and more may emerge, but I may be lost in the process and would need to have reinforcements on standby to come and pull me out as needed! :)

Ben and Megan - Our hole eats binky's! I can never find them. Adelaide will have it one min the it's gone. It is so dang annoying. Oh and lately it has taken to eating my cloth diaper stuffins! What is with that? I mean they come off the bum into the pail out of the pail into the washer and dryer and then into the drawer. At what point is the black hole getting ahold of them?

Sheila - I can totally relate to the flip-flop thing. I bought some awesome ones at REI in March. When summer finally came around they were GONE. I searched everywhere. I knew the brand, so I replaced them in a different color. Sure enough, I found them in mid-July. They were under the living-room couch the whole time! I don't move the living-room couch very often, but it is easy for something like flip-flops to scoot under there. Good luck!

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