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Composing a Memory

I posted pictures of our Day After Thanksgiving Christmas Decorating over at Simply b Photos. {Click Here}

The pictures reflect moments. Happy moments. Composed and seen through a photographer’s eye. And let’s face it, I love to see my family in that light. Glowing and full of warmth.

But then again, pictures can be composed to create the image you want. And when you pull back from the closeup shots, you’d see that Joshua was still wearing his pajama bottoms. He never got dressed yesterday. Sam was wearing too small shorts. I was still in workout clothes {having not showered yet… or at all until 9pm}. Laundry was piled up, dishes in the sink, and there was a fair amount of hollering, arguing, and orneriness mixed in with the family togetherness.

By the end of the afternoon, Miss B looked like this…


Her onesie could have been a biohazard site. Stained with cranberry sauce, root beer and who knows what else. She had to be dipped in the tub before getting pajamas on.

But she was happy. And so were the rest of us. We’d had a good day. It wasn’t perfect, but I enjoyed it. And the memories will be sweet. We’ll remember the glowing and warmth. Just like I pictured it.

mamatamera - So glad to hear that you have a "real" family and home too. I was just thinking of those pictures as we get ready to put up our tree with kids in pjs a 2 year old screaming "Mine!" Thanks for keeping it real :)

Kimberly - I love that picture of Miss B, and I'm glad I'm not the only one that takes pictures this way.

Amanda Bush - so real! We had a very lazy day as well, both Friday and Saturday. Friday night found Brady still in his pajamas (which I believe is a first in 14 yrs) and me still w/o a shower. Truly needed it!

Belinda - Lovely looking kids and how cute is Miss B.

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